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Sha Em-Tenu

Letting the Dead Talk

The Sha Em-Tenu is a relic that the Ilerian Oracle Kheper-Nebt Ha Shir had crafted while he was alive. It allowed him to commune with the dead, a fact for which many Ileri sought him out- particularly during holidays celebrated in honor of the ancestors as a result. Kheper-Nebt's services were also frequently sought by authorities to commune with victims of violent crimes as well... How the box works, or who crafted it for him, however, remains a mystery to this day.


A square box made of dark Mimuso wood. The lid is hinged with cold-forged iron and heavily gem encrusted. Every unadorned surface is engraved with Ilerian Patterns. The interior is lined with rich blue velvet, and it easily fits the bones of most fully grown Humans.  


At a minimum, a skull needs to be placed inside the box. Doing so, the spirit of the person to whom the bones belong is trapped in the box for 1d4 days. The box then acts as if the depositor had cast the 3rd level Cleric spell Speak with Dead- which allows one question to be answered. The more bones placed within the box, the more questions can be asked, up to a maximum of five. This functions perfectly once per day until the spirit is either naturally released, or is banished by removing the bones from the box- at which point the box doesn’t function again for another 1d4 days.
Item type
Magic Item, Ilerian
Wood   Weight
5 lb / 2.26796 kg   Diameter
2 ft by 2 ft
60.96 cm x 60.96 cm

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Cover image: Leather Bag by Dan Meyers


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