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Shael Ash

At A Glance

Ylva8771   Campaign
Into the Wilds   Status
Living / Active   Current Location
Somewhere in the Ajda-Donesh Basin;
Talaina'Vao, Tolara
6   Race
Thai'lar   Class
Rogue 5 / Cleric 1   Subclass
Arcane Trickster / Arcana
Elven Accuracy   Favored Attack
Short Bow   Favored Armor
15 45 12


  Currently masqueraging as a Male wild elf with golden skin with soft dark hair swept into a low ponytail tied with a suede band. His ears appear to have been rounded out at the tips and have small simple hoops in the lobes- but if you look closely there are many piercing holes along the edges of his ears; eyes shift colors between brown, green, and blue depending on the light and his mood; his build is tall with a slim waist, broad shoulders, and nimble slender fingers.   He often wears black britches and deep green shirt with slightly worn and scuffed leather armor on top. Leather bracers don his forearms with a dagger tucked into a slim sheath the right one. His boots lace up to mid-calf and are made from leather with a slightly flexible sole; tucked into the right boot there is a barely visible dagger hilt. A short sword hangs from the left side of his belt, with a belt pouch tied slightly behind it. Over his left shoulder, an unassuming (but efficient) quiver- and a light crossbow in a shoulder sling on the right side.  


  Born in 5874 Shael grew up in Sedera, Rusatar - a small village on the edge of a forest just outside of Rusatar's capitol city of Ma'akdi. Shael's childhood was normal / average for the most part, and she spent her time helping with chores, crafting, and some farming- as was expected of children. She was always fascinated by the twinkling lights that she could see in the distance coming from a far-off town of Ma’akdi, however. But she never had a chance to travel there.   In 6028 she heard about the ethnic cleansing happening in Olienn. The elders tried to shelter the village (and its children especially) from the worst of the details but information of some of the horrors still spread thanks to the occasional refugee passing through Ma’akdi and Sedera on their way to start a new life. It was not long after the ethnic cleansings had stopped in 6035 that Shael finally convinced her uncle to allow her to attend his trips into the town to trade for goods since he was now “old enough”.   Once she became more comfortable with Ma’akdi and it's residents, she started exploring more on her own while her uncle was doing business. It was during this time that she was introduced to playing cards- though she was initially horrible at controlling her facial expressions. They took pity on her and started to teach her ways to improve, and Shael began playing at others at the tavern to practice. Within a few years she was heading into the town without her uncle to play cards to make a bit of a profit to bring back for the village to help with things. It was during this time she met the eleven rogue Kiha and found her to be immediately enthralling- not because she was beautiful, but because she could command a room when she wanted to, and turn a table like no one he'd ever seen before; Shael decided she wanted to be just like her.   She left with her that night and Kiha and they traveled all throughout the continent- besting the locals and enjoying their winnings. The two never stayed in one place long enough to draw attention, however; Kiha wasn’t a well trained fighter but taught Shael some of the skills she knew with using a dagger, short sword, and some basic techniques to help disguise her appearance in case they ever needed to hide "in plain sight".
Elf: Thai'lar   Biological Sex
Female   Age
100 years   Born
Sedera, in Rusatar   Birthday
29 Amir 5954
5 ft 6 in   Weight
117 lbs   Hair
Brown; medium, pulled back   Eyes
Dark Green   Skin
Medium, coppery tan
During this time they made other friends and acquaintances in the same “field”, who Shael was able to learn other skills from. Kiha preferred the adrenaline of besting cocky assholes in card games- but Shael would take small side jobs here and there to help some of their friends when they needed back up on a “job”. After she had done solo jobs for a while, she was finally invited to start doing some of the more dangerous jobs.   In 6254, Kiha was having a lucky streak while playing against a number of Rusatari when a huge brawl started at her table and she was arrested by the guards- who accused her of cheating. Shael tried to intervene and was arrested with her as an accomplice. The two were thrown in jail for several months while awaiting to hear what the Guard Captain wanted to do with them.   During their time in jail, Shael began receiving visions of Corellon. He offered to help her get out of jail if I would swear to serve him as he had a purpose for her to fulfill. She agreed and asked if she could take Kiha with me, but Corellon was not interested in helping her. shael was upset but knew that Kiha would want her to get out if she could. So she fled her jail continent and has been on the move ever since- fleeing the continent entirely ... Now disguised as a male.   Shael fell back into his comfort zone of playing cards but was careful with who he played from then on, as he wanted desperately to stay under the radar. He often changed my appearance during this time. Once he made some acquaintances in the circle of rogues, however, he was able to take some jobs to help wealthy individuals acquire items of their interest- mostly in illegal ways. This is when he honed his skills the best as a rogue.   In 6432, Shael eventually met Kod, a postmaster from Keskala, when he was being attacked by a group of bandits while traveling on the Wildroad. Corellon told him that he should stick around to help Kod out. Two years later, after helping Kod with odd jobs and staying in touch, he officially hired Shael as part of the post office, escorting post and packages to various locations. However, the real job was to help with the smuggling business because he was “getting too old for this shit”. As a duo they've smuggled a lot of goods across borders, but also helped to relocate people who were former slaves into safer areas; Shael knows that this is part of his atonement for what he owes Corellon.   He still plays cards because it's a great way to make some extra cash, gather information, and build contacts in various towns. He likewise doesn’t take too many independent jobs to acquire items for wealthy individuals anymore. But he does still take a few here and there in order to remain in contact with fellow rogues and keep an ear open to anything that may be helpful; these days he mostly uses his skills these days to help slaves escape and to acquire some of the items he and Kod smuggles. But to make up for it Shale tries his best to donate to a few orphanages, and to Corellon’s places of worship when he come across them- as well as continuing to send items and money back to his home village; the stories of what happened to the refuges from Olienn have always stuck with him, even as he has worked nefariously in the shadows.  
Treasured Item: .   Trinket: .


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  • Valmoira Ash
  • Raloric Ash
  • Faleth Ash
  • Dastina Ash
  • Fenris Ash
  • Qinlar Amanodel, Uncle
Major Associates
  • Kiha Tiadas
Minor Associates
  • Rokas
  • Naenan
  • Petcan
  • Liadi
  • Chaera

Secrets & Rumors

Ay 'at one'll do ya sum good if'n ya dun mind wu'h they say 'bout 'im; I heard 'ee killed a merchant on 'te Wildroad on 'is way 'eer buh ya 'keen n'er really know fur sure wah people're really flabbin' on abo' these days.
— an Old Man in Keskala
Shael? We assume she's up to ner good, but honestly we haven' heard from her in years. Whatever she's doing we hope she's ok, but frankly we'n care less now; we've ner time for an ungrateful child who runs off.
Shael's Mother
The criminal known as Shael Ash is wanted for the murder of a General of the Olienesian Army. Those caught harboring him will be punished under penatly of death. It's best 'ya turn him over and save yourselves
— General Adhos e’ta Eirnin, Olienessian Army


  As part of her agreement to act as Corellon's agent on the Material Plane, Shael has the ability to change their gender at will. They spend most of their time as male but swap back to a female a few times a year to make sure they don’t get stuck or lose the ability to swap; this is not the same as Mala'kai's Changeling abilities and they haven’t heard of anyone else who can do this. Corellon has been less than helpful with answering questions.  



Rogue Tells

  A Brassard is worn on his left shoulder (smuggling). Additionally, tattooed on his fingers are several gray bands: 1 band on ring finger, left hand (lock-picking). 1 band on middle finger, right hand (theft). And 1 band on pinky finger, right hand (pick-pocketing).

Cover image: Reaching Hand by Min An
Character Portrait image: Shael by Cami Juel
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