Saleh'alire Shael Ash Timeline

Shael Ash

  • 5954

    29 /4

    Shael Ash
    Life, Birth

    Shael Ash is born in Sedera- a small village on the edge of the Lasna Forest outside Ma'akdi in Rusatar.

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  • 6010

    5 /5

    Kiha Tiadas
    Life, Relationship change

    While playing cards in Ma'akdi, Shael Ash meets Kiha Tiadas. Becoming close friends and traveling companions, the two leave together that night.

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  • 6254

    25 /11

    Cheat and Liar
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Now in Fargur, in southern Rusatar, Kiha is having a lucky streak during a card game against a couple of local guards. A fight breaks out as the Guards accuse her of cheating, and Kiha is arrested. When he attempts to intervene, Shael Ash is arrested as an accomplice.

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  • 6255

    12 /2

    Corellon's Hand
    Life, Career

    While in jail for several months, awaiting to hear what the Guard Captain wanted to do with them, Shael Ash begins having visions. In them, Corellon offers is aid if he swears service to him. Despite insistence by Shael, Corellon doesn't agree to aid Kiha. In the end Shael agrees anyways and leaves Rusatar- setting sale for Tolara.

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  • 6438

    19 /7

    Smuggler's Life
    Life, Career

    Shael Ash is saved from a bandit attack by Kod Zuzagar. Under Corellon's guidance he decides to follow Kod, hiring on at his post office in Keskala; officially his position is to escort postage during runs. But Kod and Shael's real work lies in their smuggling business, moving goods and people across borders. Feeling compelled to help out those less fortunate, the majority of their personal cargo consists of escaped slaves trying to settle down in a safer place.

  • 6441

    5 /2

    Caught A Thief
    Criminal Activity

    A thief steals a ring from Marlena Bormann- the owner of the Wanderer's Tale (Keskala's only Tavern and Inn). Aneirin e'Mylel, Shael Ash, Mala'kai Avirotka, and Ceiba Lanael help to track it down and return it. Marlena rewards the party with a treasure map that leads to a small series of ruins rumored to be of Sa'Avian origin, located in the Kogria Mountains just north of the village.

  • 7 Fenet 6441
    Campaign Start

    Mala'kai Avirotka, Aneirin e'Mylel, Ceiba Lanael, and Shael Ash meet for lunch in the Wanderer's Tale Tavern and Inn in the small village of Keskala- located on the border between the Kogria Mountains and the Donesh Dry Forest in the Talaina'Vao region of the Tolaran continent   Over a quick lunch they decide to follow a map given to them by the tavern owner, Marlena Bormann (F Halfling the map supposedly leads to a set of Sa'avian Ruins in the Kogria Mountains.

  • 7 Fenet 6441
    Rescued Neveah & Daughter
    Discovery, Exploration

    The party encounters a crashed wagon on the Eastern Road. Shael recognizes it as a wagon belonging to refugees she and Kod Zuzagar (M Orc) had smuggled into the region; Mala'kai uses his abilities to lead the party towards several presences he senses, where they find Neveah, her daughter (Zira), and another figure taking refuse in an abandoned mine shaft.   The family's wagon was attacked by bandits and the two ran off to safety. They were found by one bandit (Gi, M Tameri), after he'd a change of heart and killed his partner (Kerry, M Fereni the three were hiding out in an abandoned mine while Gi was sporadically trying to find Neveah's son and Husband.   The party decides to camp at the Mine for the night in order to help aid in the search the next day.

  • 8 Fenet 6441
    Found Neveah's Family & Met Hermit
    Discovery, Exploration

    Neveah's son (Mesic, M Tameri) shows up in the woods with Kod Zuzagar, the Keskalan Postmaster, after running to him for help. They initially attacked the party thinking them another danger, before recognizing them. Together the two help the party find Meric's father (Arin, M Tameri)- who is being cared for by a hermit who found him (Zana Tuvo, M Orc).   Kod invites the party with him to deliver Neveah and her family to Rothshield later in the week, after a new wagon is constructed by Mala'kai Avirotka's father.   The group continues on their way to the ruins and camps at the Wildroad intersection for the night.

  • 9 Fenet 6441
    Pelor Wayshrine
    Discovery, Exploration

    The party encounters a waypoint on the Wildroad, containing a wayshrine to Pelor.   Mala'kai finds a plain Silver ring in the dirt, while Aneirin gathers nuts from a tree near the waypoint. Before leaving, Shael, Ceiba, Mal, and Aneirin, leave coins at the Pelor Shrine; additionally, Ceiba druidcrafts a reddish pink rose for the cairn and makes it take root before leaving.

  • 9 Fenet 6441
    Outpost Ruins
    Discovery, Exploration

    Guided by a map obtained from Marlena Bormann, after four days of travel from Keskala the party discovers the ruins of an old military outpost in the Kogria Mountains; the outpost was originally built by the Dasmiiran Clan Batrun in the early days of Tolara, but lost during the Siege of Greibaurum in 5996.

  • 11 Fenet 6441
    Financial Event

    While exploring the old Batrun military outpost, Aneirin e'Mylel and Shael Ash discover a hidden compartment beneath an altar. Inside the compartment is the vestige Mistleinn- the sword companion of the shield Dainsleif; last known to be wielded by the Dasmiiran twins Katona and Tamas Raedler, both pieces were lost during the Siege of Greibaurum.

  • 12 Fenet 6441
    On Their Way

    The party leaves the Outpost ruins, having fully explored them now, and makes camp at the outside of the entrance in preparation for their treck home.

  • 13 Fenet 6441
    Weird Happenings on the Way Home
    Discovery, Exploration

    On the way back to Keskala from the ruins, the party stumbles across a grave. The grave looks recent and is unmarked; Shael Ash finds a short sword engraved with serpent wrapped around the hilt, a peridot gem in its mouth, lightly buried on top; Aneirin suggests leaving a few Qiao'hon flowers on the grave, and leaves 5 or 6 of them nicely arranged.   Further up the Wild Road, the party finds the Pelor shrine they encountered earlier in their journey destroyed. they rebuild it, with Anerin attempting to make it more aesthetically beautiful. Mala'kai leaves a silver, Ceiba leaves a handful of Qiao'hon blossoms; Shael doesn’t leave anything. Aneirin puts some Qiao'hon flowers in the well near the shrine, but waits until morning before leaving 4 pieces of Qiao'hon bark on the shrine itself.

  • 14 Fenet 6441
    Meeting the Varangian Guard
    Gathering / Conference

    The Party encounters a mercenary group on the side of the road; they wear deep vivid blue capes with a crest depicting a set of golden wings on the breast of their armor.  

    Captain Othalene Mocadic (NB Elf)
    1st Lt. Gujoro Hvar (F Goliath)
    2nd Lt. Kye Denelsbeck
    Caldren Gaecon
    Turrek Vindai
    Rian Ahbrun
    Esther Cliffcomb
    Daereth Partha
      They're based in Rothshield- but had been helping to rebuild Lodhi after discovering its destruction while visiting a member's family. They inform the party that Keskala has also been attacked.   Mala'kai studies some members to impersonate them later- then asks them to send help back when they reach Rothshield; Othelen confirms several other wayshrines have been destroyed as well.

  • 15 Fenet 6441
    Helped the Parsin Homestead
    Disaster / Destruction

    The party is flagged down on the road by Cevelia Parsin (F. Marine Elf), whose Husband (Yirallan, M Marine Elf) and Newborn daughter (Loael, F Marine Elf) are stuck in the cellar beneath the ruins of their homestead; they had managed to get the door open just enough to get Cevelia out to get help, before the rest of the house collapsed.   The party helps to clear rubble to find the cellar door and crack it open enough for Aneirin to use his teleportation abilities to get them out- earning Mala'kai's respect by doing so.

  • 15 Fenet 6441
    Returned to Keskala
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Party returns to Keskala to find it in a state of severe destruction. After delivering Yirallan Parsin to Brother Hamid at the makeshift hospital, the party spends the rest of the day visiting various villagers- including Mala'kai's parents (whose father was injured) and Marlena Bormann- then doing what they can to aid the village.

  • 16 Fenet 6441
    A Search For Water

    After finding contaminated wells in Keskala, the party decides to return to the ruins where they first encountered similar contamination on their journey; they hope to find out more information about the source.

  • 19 Fenet 6441
    Return To Keskala

    After grabbing samples from various water supplies along the way back to the ruins, the party returns to Keskala to test the samples and try and try to figure out the nature of the contamination. They are unable to determine much about it, other than its magical in nature- and that it can't be removed once water is contaminated; they begin to believe it's spreading northwest from somewhere near Keskala.

  • 22 Fenet 6441
    Wagon to Rothshield

    After Keskala's destruction, Kod has to wait for the wagon to be rebuilt before he can take Neveah and her family to Rothshield as initially planned (and get supplies for the rebuild he's invited the party along with him a second time. This time they accept his offer to join him, but inform him they may not return with him.   Kod requests Gold to cover part of the cost of supplies- as well as the cost of hiring protection to replace the party for the return trip. The party make a plan to visit the Dwarven Clan Skala for whom the village was initially named in order to request funding.

  • 22 Fenet 6441
    A Tale of Two Clans
    Financial Event

    The party meets with Clan Skala to ask for money to help fund supplies and protection for the village; they are greeted at the Clan Skala stronghold in Keskala by Rugadara Yvonne Skala, her secretary, and the Stronghold's Cleric; discovering that Clan Skala could care less about the village and won't help them, they decide to seek out Clan Batrun instead.   The party meets Rugadar Edard Batrun at the other Dwarven stronghold in Keskala and easily convinces him to help fund the trip to Rothshield. While there, they decide to return the Books, Sword, and Tapestry they recovered from the Batrun Outpost they explored earlier in the month. They also ask to examine the stronghold's Cisterns that have also been tainted by whatever is affecting the water- discovering that 3 out of 4 have indeed been contaminated.

  • 22 Fenet 6441
    A New Encounter
    Gathering / Conference

    After dealing with the Dwarven Clans, the party meets up with Kod, Gi, plus Neveah and her family, and sets out for the major city of Rothshield   (New Player Introduction) While setting up camp for the night at the Wildroad, however, the party is "ambushed" by a cloud of darkness and a figure of light. After it vanishes just as suddenly, Shael discovers a woman named Aethel hidden away on top of the party's wagon. After some convincing, they allow her to join them, promising to separate at Rothshield.