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The Phet

The Material Natives

Yularun's original name was Kyrion- named for the Phetian city known only as Kiir Thuun, whose ruins now lay nearly submerged beneath the sands of the Tai'Maire (properly, the Tuthur) desert in current day Olienn; a strange sight, Kiir Thuun is one of only three known examples of the Phet building on the surface, as opposed to their preferred locations deep within the mountains.
Yorska Nobraet, A History of the Ancients
The Phet are the only sapient species that, to knowledge of Archivist's around Saleh'Alire, are legitimate natives to the Material Plane- unlike other races who came to the Material Plane through gateways much later in its history; highly advanced in mechanical technology during the height of their power, their ruins make up some of the oldest and most prolific of the fallen civilizations as a result.   A subterannean race, Phetian citadels are found deep within the mountains and hills of the world. These citadels are colossal in size, with towering chambers. The expansive tunnel networks and intricate archtecture of such citadels arguably proves their artistry and prowess as a crafters- as well as displaying the sheer size of their original inhabitants (considered far larger than those that are called Giants today).   Some of the old Phetian locations are built so deep into the earth, even, that those who study them have yet to find their ending- or uncover all of their secrets. Many who do so claim it almost feels as if they've entered another realm entirely while exploring them. This has lead to Archivists refering to these citadels and the complex underground roads connecting them as the "Underdark" collectively; due to the depth of their location, surviving residents of these citadels frequently speak what's often likewise referred to as Undercommon- a semiuniversal Underdark trade language developed similarly to Surface Common.  

Modern Descendants

Surprising to many, the Phet are, in fact, the ancestors of the Giants... Not only theirs, but also that of today's Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings. They were also responsible for the creation of the Warforged, as well as the Metal and Gem Dragons of myth- both of which were created in the Phetian Soul Forges as weapons against the Chromatic and Prismatic Dragons of the Feywild during the Second Dragon War.   The original Giants were likewise creations of the Soul Forges- created in their image as a slave race. It was through the routine ostracization of the smallest members of their species that Dwarves were then birthed. Rebellion, however, pushed their oppressors out of the underground citadels and onto the surface- eventually giving way to the Ovarketh and Orkind; later pushes towards the surface by the Dwarves would result in the birth of the Gnomes, who would go on to birth the Halflings in turn.
A towering, semi-nomadic tribal race that largely prefers settling in mountainous environments.  
Adept Crafters and Smiths who remain in their ancestral citidels beneath the mountains.  
Arcanists and Tinkerers known for blending mechanical and Arcane technology past its limits.  
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An agricultural race known for their Animal Husbandry and famous for their horseback skills.  
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