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Often called Settler's Keep or the Gates of Tolara in Common, the city's name (Saethar'Kori) roughly translates from Solar Elvish as "Traveler's Home" or "Wanderer's Place" depending on which Elvish dialect one speaks.   It was the first settlement built in Tolara by those who survived the wreck of The Golden Duchess in 5709- marking the unexpected discovery of the continent an unofficial founding of its first settlement. However, Saethar'Kori wasn't officially founded as a settlement until the year 5723- well after the construction of some of its core civic buildings- for unknown reasons; today it's a wealthy City State independantly controlled by the seven Tolaran Guilds that were founded there.
Trade Metropolis   Founding Date
Unofficially 5709
Officially 5723

Location Gwyn Tira'Kie, Tolara

City Design & Atmosphere

Nicknamed the Gates of Tolara for a reason, Saethar'Kori serves as most people's first introduction to the continent; whether standard traveler or courageous adventurer, the city stands as a shining beacon of glory and trade to all who come from distant lands. As most's entrypoint to the mainland, though, Saethar'Kori has by no means developed as a quiet or well designed city over the years. After all, individuals of all types pass through its gates- from immigrants to traders, commoner and elite alike ... The result is beautiful and unique- if not at least mildly confusing; a great mishmash architecture, language, art, and culture with an atmosphere full of color, hustle, and never ending noise.   The bulk of the city is situated on the largest of the four Inetra Islands that make up Gwyn Tira'Kie. It's not limited just to this Island, however, but spills across onto the two Islands to the north and north east of it (but doesn't touch the fourth). Each of these settlements is considered but one part of Saether'Kori, and is designated as an individual district within the city: Obsidian, Marble, and Granite- all of which are connected by large bridges that tower above the waterways which divide them.

Cost of Living

Because of its role as the center of Tolran Trade, life in the city can be quite expensive; gate and docking fees mean many can't get into the city without spending at least a little coin- and once inside, they can expect a 2% to 5% markup on prices compared to elsewhere in Tolara. Overseas Imports are by far some of the most expensive items- and one of the few things that only becomes more expensive the further one travels into the mainland. Housing, too, is by no means cheap, and it's not uncommon to see two to three families sharing the same house out of necessity.   That said, almost anything one can think of is certainly available within the city- from the rarest of luxury goods, to the most basic supplies. After all, most goods must pass through the City to reach Tolara. As a result, the higher price that Saethar'Kori demands is certainly made up for in terms of quantity and the sheer ease of availability.
  While outsiders often describe life here as wild (and perhaps even dangerous), everyone can certainly agree that it's always interesting; it's hard to deny that excitement and opportunity hums through the air when one steps within the city walls ... And while most may never set down permanent roots here, almost everyone in Tolara will visit the city- even if for no other reason than to experience it at least once in their lifetimes.  

Civic Government


The Gilded Council

  Given independence in 6229 through The Sapphire Accords, Saether'Kori was granted the right to Govern itself as a Sovereign Nation. And when The Astrantia Charter was signed in 6428 granting the Tolaran Guilds the right to continue operating as independent organizations, it was only natural for them to set down roots within the city. A year later, after establishing their power in the area, the Guilds banded together to form The Gilded Council- a governing body consisting of all 7 of the Tolaran Guild Masters, which still controls the Saethar'Korian City State today.   While the Council is concerned with the City, they're more concerned with their own profits. As a result, The Gilded Council only convenes once or twice a year- preferring to let the city run itself unless absolutely necessary. When it does convene, topics of discussion usually involve trade routes and other matters concerning both City and Guild profit. The real governance of the city falls to two groups: The Peacekeepers, and the Lawbearers.
  Permanent city residents without trade professions are expected to register at the Hall of Arms upon their maturation. Once registered, they're required by The Gilded Council to volunteer at least one week's worth of time to the Peacekeepers a year. The enlistment isn't without its benefits, though- especially for the poor of the city; during their expected yearly period of service, Guardsmen are paid a small cut of Saethar'Kori's gate fees, and provided with free housing and food at one of the the city's two available Guardhouses.  

Notable Laws

Citywide Curfew ▼
Saethar'Kori institutes a city wide curfew that begins as Last Light (Sunset) and lasts until First Breath (Dawn). However, there's a slight amount of leniency in that individuals within the city (Merchants and Sailors in particular) have a two hour grace period to reach their final destinations. Anyone caught out past Night's Shade (half till Midnight), though, can expect to spend the night locked in the cells beneath the Lawbearer's Hall- and saddled with a 1 Gold fine upon their release in the morning. Additionally, city gates are closed during these hours; anyone caught outside of the city after dark must find lodging in the exterior districts and wait until First Breath to enter the city as normal.
City Entry Fee ▼
While it's easy to obtain entry into Saethar'Kori, getting into the city comes at a cost; each of the city's 23 gates maintains an entrance fee of 1 Silver. Anyone attempting to enter the city is required to pay this fee before they're allowed admittance.
Docking Fee ▼
Like with obtaining entrance at the gate, boats must also pay a fee when docking in any of the city's 3 dedicated dock districts. However, the fee for docking depends both on the docks and type of ship; Merchant Vessels are only allowed to dock in the Marble or Obsidian Districts and can expect to pay 5 Gold or 8 Gold respectively. Personal vessels, however, are only allowed to dock in the Granite District for a fee of 1 Silver (equal to the city's Gate Fees).
General Merchantry Permit ▼
Any Merchant who wishes to sell their wares in Saethat'Kori must obtain a permit. The price and frequency of the permit depends on whether or not they're a Booth Merchant, or a Shopkeep... For Booth Merchants, permits must be obtained daily at a price of 1 Silver per permit, per day. Storefronts, however, must obtain their permits on a weekly basis for a 1 Gold fee per week; if the Merchant is Guild Affiliated, this need for a permit is waived in favor of 2% of their total profits, paid to The Merchant's Guild at the end of each month.
Secondsale Permit ▼
Any and all reselling or sale of secondhand goods is limited to the Pawners's Block, or to the Secondhand Market when open; those who sell through the Pawner's Block are not required to pay any fees, whereas those who open stalls during the Secondhand Market must obtain a Secondsale Merchant's Permit for 2 Copper a day.
Thievery ▼
Thievery is one of only three things explicitly outlawed by The Gilded Council; defined as knowingly and intentionally removing another person's property without their permission (whether from their person or their rightful premises), thievery carries a painful fine: Anyone charged with Thievery can expect a public beating by the Peacekeepers, the loss of a finger or toe, and a 10 Gold fine.
Fraud ▼
The second of only three crimes explicitly forbidden by The Gilded Council, fraud is defined as a number of acts. This includes impersonating an individual (especially of a Guild), misleading someone as to the nature of a transaction or agreement, false or misleading allegations of a crime by another, incurring debt one is unable to repay with no intent to repay it, and the embezzlement of funds belonging to another person. In all cases the legal penalty for fraud is 3 years of slavery to the Saethar'Korian City State, and the stripping of all land and possessions.
Murder ▼
Murder is the third and final crime explicitly outlawed within the Saether'Korian city State by The Gilded Council- and is, perhaps, considered the worst offense of them all; those found guilty of murder (for any reason) are sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in the Marble Mines. At the end of this tenure, should they survive it, the guilty are then sent to Executioner's Run. Executioner's Run is a yearly gauntlet where those guilty of Murder fight one another for the entertainment of the city's elite Peacekeepers and Lawbearers; though few survive their run, any who do are sent to the gallows the next day for public execution as the city shows no mercy to those who turn on its people.
Despite the city's registration and Volunteer requirements, however, the number of Peacekeepers within Saethar'Kori is small compared to the large size of its populace; only 800 service the city at any given time, for a transient population that consistently ranges between 75,000 and 100,000 people yearly. Most are stationed between the city's 23 different gates and 3 connecting bridges, in regiments of 10 per gate and 4 per bridge. The remaining volunteer Peacekeepers are divided between the three districts (or Islands) of the city: Granite, Marble, and Obsidian; 8 of these patrol the impoverished Granite District, while 100 patrol the more affluent Marble District. The other 400 patrol the Obsidian trade District and its markets- with at least 10 of them permanently stationed at The Temple of a Thousand Faces.   The job of the Peacekeepers is, as the name suggests, to "keep the Peace" by breaking up disruptions to daily public life. Unlike the city's Peacekeepers who are volunteers of the City, however, Lawbearers are hired and employed directly by The Gilded Council themselves. And where Peacekeepers have no real legal authority, Lawbearers are tasked with doling out punishments the for violating what few laws Saethar'Kori actually enforces. Because there are few laws in the City, however, even fewer Lawbearers are actually kept on staff at any given time. As a result, it can sometimes take months for anyone accused of a crime to actually see any sort of trial. Until then, they're often left to rot in the cells built below the Lawbearer's Hall.
  Saethar'Kori isn't without its own corruption, either. In fact, due to the lax laws and the ratherwidespread disorganization of its forces, corruption ultimately runs rampant within the City State's Peacekeepers and Lawbearers; while certain things are outlawed and fees are practically everywhere, for the right price most Guards and Judges are willing to turn a blind eye to crime- whether that's a cut of the profits or a pocketful of gold, a hot tip on a better crime, or a little something to make it worth their while.   Be careful, though: One wrong word and you might just find yourself with heavier charges or embroiled in some shady scheme, end up working off your debt to them for years- or worse.  

Facilities & Recreation

As a trade city first and foremost, Saethar'Kori boasts a number of markets- including the main Obsidian Market, the Secondhand Market, Luxury Markets (Marble Plaza and Riverside Square), and Slaver's Grounds. These markets are bustling centers of activity for the city, and many are open until curfew.
005 State Buildings
011 Temples & Shrines
124 Priests & Clergy
165 Inns & Taverns
038 Bathouses
076 General Stores
006 Markets
  Markets, however, aren't the only entertainment one will find within the city. Multiple Amphitheaters exist- as well as one Operahouse, three different Public Botanical Gardens, and an associated Aviary. For those who prefer more athletic pursuits a Gymnasium is available, as well as the Colosseum. If more bloody spectator sports and gambling are what an individual seeks, then one may feel free to visit any of the lesser Fighting Pits to place a wager- or try their luck at any number of Casinos. Saunas, Bathhouses, Inns, and Taverns can also be found in every nook and cranny of the city. And there's always the Brothels located within the Pleasure Markets for those who seek more communal entertainment of a ... Different nature.  

Obsidian District

The main and largest district of the city, the Obsidian District is dedicated to entertainment and trade; located on the largest of the Inetra Isles, the Colosseum is found here- as well as the bulk of the city's other amenities. It's connected to the other Isles via bridge: One (north) leading to the Marble District, and another (south) leading to the Granite district.  
Obsidian Market ▼
The largest and most popular market of Saethar'Kori, the Obsidian Market sits in the center of the city-state's Obsidian district- named for the large tiles of obsidian with which it's paved; on the eastern side of the market sits the utilitarian and imposing black figure of the Lawbearer's Hall. Across from it on the western side of the square, the vibrant verdancy of the Sunlight Gardens. And in its center, one of the city's many statues of Imalda e'Yisonn- this one holding a basket of Laya Fruit, and a bushel of Amatis flower.   Here, the streets are crowded and full of life at all hours between First Breath and Last Light.... And at times, the noise and crowds are overwhelming; the smell of incense, dust, sweat, and fatty meats permeates the air as vendors of all stripes hawk their wares. Some sit on colorful striped mats. their wares splayed around them. Others at long tables draped with cloth. More around the outer edges sell their goods from bannered booths constructed of sturdy wood- permanent structures reserved for those affiliated with the Merchant's Guild.   Shops, too, dot the exterior of the square; buildings of various colors, materials, and architectural designs- all marked with their names in gold lettering on their solid doors; brightly colored banners hand from their roofs advertising their wares, vying for the attention of patrons.   Local Shops
  • Golden Thread
  • The King's Hide
  • Withered Stave
  • Precious Moments
  • Arcane Brew
  • Valrona's Arsenal
  • Tiare
  • The Roving Eye
  • Marion's Exotic Game
  • The Soothsayer
Riverside Square ▼
Situated near a river that bisects the northern isle before meeting the ocean. And while it's not bustling with activity in the same way as the Obsidian Market, the Market is still well known for its joviality as the main market for entertainers and artisans alike.   Twinkling lights in a range of hues hang overhead, interspersed with colorful penants, providing a festive atmosphere- one made all the more so by a number of entertainers that perform there: Artists, musicians, jugglers, and magicians. The few shop fronts which line its southern and northeastern sides are primarily concerned with a number of creative and artistic goods, from musical instruments to painting supplies. And small vendors are strewn across its courtyard, selling fresh pastries and fruits to anyone who happens through.   Local Shops
  • Quick Fingers
  • Wild Widgits
  • Arthena's Lullaby
  • Nanwon's Night Market
  • Throwing Plates
Upper Pleasure Market ▼
Situated in the southwestern corner of the Obsidian District lies a nondescript market- though it's less a true market and more a courtyard; lined with buildings, with several chairs and a fountain in its center, this is the Obsidian Pleasure Market, home of those seeking companionship in one of the many brothels and opium houses that ring its exterior.   The air here is heavy with perfume and incense- so much so that it's almost cloying; bottles and empty tankards can be found strewn about the ground, the remnants of patrons who spent more than a good share of coin on its various amenities, and had a good bit of fun in the process. A number of brothel workers in colorful- and revealing- garb can be found lounging around the square, seated on various ottomans while in between patrons.   Local Brothels
  • Chastity's
  • Sailor's Choices
  • Quick Trisk
  • Delicate Touch
  • Milk of Paradise
Temple of a Thousand Faces ▼
The collaborative work of founders Deamod e'Lufaren and Aaina Viswan, it was the dream of the pair that the Temple of a Thousand Faces would stand as a great beacon of hope for the continent of Tolara and provide a much needed spiritual and social refuge for the new world's inhabitants as Tolara's settlement and exploration continued.   - Read More
The Fine Flaggon ▼
Located on the northern side of the Obsidian District, it’s a single story building made from red timber and cedar, with high ceilings and small triangular windows made from colorful stained glass. A set of double doors are emblazoned with the tavern's name in gold, with intricate carvings of leaves and berries around the doorway.   Owned by Berta Melik, it’s one of the oldest Inns and Taverns in the City State- and one which is well known for the performances that often take place on its stage. It's equally known for its selection of Alcohols from around Tolara- with up to 12 different varieties of varying strengths to choose from at any given time. Their House Special rotates weekly, and is usually a discounted cup of one of the 12 Alcohols they carry. Additionally they offer a small platter of differing fruits, meats, cheeses, and crackers or bread as an appetizer of sorts.   Menu
  • Basic Ale - 1 CP
  • Local Ale - 2 CP
  • Imported Ale - 4 CP
  • Fine Ale - 1 SP
  • Imported Wine - 2 SP
  • Small Platter - 1 CP
  • Large Platter - 1 SP
  Accommodations consist of several individual rooms in the back, separated from the main Tavern by a large hallway and available to patrons for 2 Silver pieces a night. Each one has two beds outfitted with thick straw mattresses and cotton blankets, and a safe that Berta will give patrons the key to for an additional nightly fee of 1 Copper.
The Salty Bottom ▼
A single story, wooden building located in the Dock Sector of the Obsidian District, and owned by Jan Korric. It mostly caters to dockhands and sailors coming in off the ships- resulting in a boisterous atmosphere that smells mostly of fish and salt.   It sells one Ale, and a simple Stew- both of which change based on available stock. The House Special, though, is a sapphire colored drink served in a plain glass, called the Sailor's Tale.   Menu
  • Ale - 1 CP
  • Sailor's Tale - 2 CP
  • Stew - 1 CP
  Accommodations are available for 1 Copper a night, but are located in the Cellar of the Tavern and consist of a single large room filled with wooden cots. Space for the night is on a first come first serve basis after Last Light.
Wild Run Stable & Tack ▼
Located on the northwestern side of the city, situated between the Diamond and Onyx gates, the shop is a two story timber and brick building, with a reinforced wooden door and wrought iron furnishings. If sits to the left side of a large stable yard, at the back of which is an open faced building with at least 10 visible stalls- 5 of which are empty. Several different pack animals and horses meander about the yard.   Owned by Omylia Jih'ru, it provides temporary boarding for the mounts of visitors to the city. The stable also offers a number of supplies such as saddles, food provisions, grooming gear, and others, as well as a number of purchasable mounts- all of which are bred at her family's farm outside the Granite District of the city.   The interior of the shop is decorated in earth tones, but sparsely decorated otherwise; mount items such as saddles, harnesses, and other supplies sit on racks and saw horses throughout. There's a small counter to the left of the entrance, and a shelf of books stands against the wall behind it filled with books on horse care and breeding- as well as a few books that appear to be labeled "breeding lines". Overall the shop is well kept, but smells a little musty and is dimly lit by a number of candles.   Wares
  • Feed (1 Day) - 2 CP
  • Grooming Kit (Basic) - 5 CP
  • Bit & Bridal (Basic) - 2 SP
  • Saddle Bag (10 lbs) - 3 SP
  • Boarding (1 Day) - 5 SP
  • Saddle (Basic) - 1 GM
  • Pack Mule - 1 GP
  • Pony (Riding) - 2 GP
  • Horse (Riding) - 5 GP
  • Horse (Draft) - 10 GP
Avandra's Way
Located on the eastern side of the city just outside of the Moonstone Gate of the Obsidian District, Avandra's Way Stables is owned by Larric Hav'aye- a distant cousin of Omylia Jih'ru. Like the Wild Run Stable and Tack, it also offers temporary boarding for visitor's mounts ... However, in addition to boarding, the Stable also sells mounts better suited for long distance travel- as well as combat mounts and the necessary gear to outfit them (such as battle armor, specialty saddles, and the like).   The shop is a single story stone walled building with several stained glass windows on the exterior. It sits at the back left of a medium sized yard where 3 large horses and an Elephant are roaming. Attached to the right side of the shop is an open faced building with 5 small stalls and one larger one.   The interior is brightly lit and pleasant smelling, as if fresh incense had just been burnt. It's decorated in jewel tones with a number of shields and banners hung on the walls, and several candles are placed strategically around to light the area. A variety of armor sets and saddles are displayed on well made stands; a counter sits directly opposite the entrance, and a small doorway leads back into a storeroom where feed bags are visible.   Wares
  • Feed (1 Day) - 2 CP
  • Boarding (1 Day) - 5 SP
  • Bit & Bridal (Military) - 5 SP
  • Bit & Bridal (Exotic Military) - 8 SP
  • Saddle Bag (30 lbs) - 1 GM
  • Saddle (Military) - 5 GM
  • Saddle (Exotic military) - 8 GM
  • Horse (War) - 10 GP
  • Barding (Military) - 20 GP
  • Elephant (War) - 50 GP
  • Barding (Exotic Military) - 100 GP
Wildwood Exotic Pets ▼
Located on one of the main roads near the northern docks in the Obsidian District of Saethar'Kori, Wildwood Exotic Pets is owned by Gwinion Dirdris. It carries a variety of animals from the Wilds of Tolara- most of which are both large and rare in nature.   The exterior of the shop is worn with and old, handbuilt sort of look to it; the walls are painted a green hue that's faded over time, and the paint is chipping in several areas- exposing the wood beneath.   Inside the shop is shabby and not well kept; there is dust in places, and only a handful of candles light the small room. It smells strongly of animal feces and raw meat; the floor is made from stone that's well worn and chipped, and its shelves and counters from a pale old wood. Several Pet care and enrichment necessities such as Food, Toys, Leads, and Collars are on clear display, and there's a row of cages along the left wall. These cages are filled with various Raptors (birds) of differing styles and types that have been trained for Hunting or Fetching- such as Falcons, Hawks, Owls, Eagles, and others.   In general, the shop's merchandise is of average quality and the larger animals usually overpriced, and most customers report that the staff is stingy but otherwise charismatic and willing to please; there's a small doorway with a thick door that leads out back where the larger animals are kept. Another doorway behind the counter leads into a storeroom.   Wares
  • Toy - 1 CP
  • Leash / Lead - 1 CP
  • Collar - 2 CP
  • Food (1 day) - 2 CP
  • Squirrel (Flying) - 1 SP
  • Fox - 5 SP
  • Dog (Basic) - 8 SP
  • Cat (Basic) - 8 SP
  • Bird (Owl) - 1 GM
  • Bird (Hawk) - 2 GM
  • Bird (Falcon) - 2 GM
  • Bird (Eagle) - 5 GM
  • Dog (War) - 2 GP
  • Cat (Hunting) - 2 GP
  • Dog (Blink) - 150 GP
  • Cat (Displacer) - 150 GP

Marble District

Filled with the wealthy and the affluent, the Marble District is located on the isle north of the Obsidian district and connected to it via the north bridge. The peak of luxury in Saethar'Kori, it contains the Luxury Markets and slavers grounds- as well as a number of gardens and an Aviary, a monument to the Golden Duchess, the Guild Alley, an Amphitheater, and more.  
Lower Market ▼
The crowning jewel of the Marble District, the Marble Plaza, is a sight to behold; decorated with lavish strings of gossamer fabric, twinkling lights, and numerous Settees, Chaise, and Ottomans, for market goers to lounge on- and indeed, they do- often choosing to sit and be hand fed by their various servants and slaves as the luxury good vendors who sell in the market approach them to show off their wares.   With the ground tiled in radiant white marble, cleaned and polished twice daily ... The twinkling lights and streamers of gossamer fabrics ... Seating made from crushed velvets and ornate brocades ... Air sophisticatedly perfumed by a combination of strategically located censers, and the nightblooming flowers of the Moonlight Garden on the Eastern side of the market ... There is very much an air of wealth, entitlement, and opulence; the crème de la crème of high society shopping in Saethar'Kori.   Local Stores
  • Lalia's Luxury Goods
  • Sultan's Den
  • Enlightenment
  • Silver Swan Imports
  • Mahogany Grove
  • Gilded Carafe
  • Katalina's
Slaver's Grounds ▼
Tucked near the docks of the Marble District, just south of the Tanshem Aviary and a monument to the Golden Duchess, lays the Slaver's grounds- a granite tiled square butting up against the Marble Docks, open on its left side to the channel that runs between the Saethar'Korian isles. Here, Slaves are brought for sale in Saethar'Kori before their inevitable transfer to the mainland markets.   The air is quiet by comparison of the other markets, with a significant lack of ornamentation; in its center sits a large wooden stage, covered with an awning and ringed by a number of pens resembling cattle holds. Benches extend more than a few feet out from the open side of the stage, where patrons sit in stony silence- quietly raising their hands for bidding when the market's active. It often smells of sea from the nearby ocean and its channel- though the wind that occasionally sweeps through the market carries the bitter tint of ship tar and the sweaty, dirty smell of captivity with it. Still, the square is kept orderly and clean, with the Slaves tucked neatly away into cages on the southern side of the Slaver's Grounds between sales.
Emperor's Rule
A high class establishment catering only to the elite of Saethar'Kori, the Emperor's Rule is located at the heart of the Marble District; owned by Takal e'ta Varloth, it's a large two story building with a number of stained glass windows and the most advanced arcane technology.   The Emperor's Rule sells a number of finer alcohols- all of which are imported directly from the Noble Houses of Di'kae Milona. It's House Speciality, however, is the Five Stars.   Menu
  • Finger Platter - 1 SP
  • Fine Ale - 3 SP
  • Strong Alcohol - 4 SP
  • Five Stars - 4 SP
  • Fine Wine - 5 SP
  • Supper - 5 SP
  • Full Bottle - 10 GP
  Accommodations consist of several large rooms- each of which is a full living suite. Beds are outfitted with silk and brocade sheets, and comfortable mattresses made from the finest downy and wool. They contain a full entertaining lounge, two armoires, and private safe; each is rented for 10 Gems a night, and patrons who stay in the Inn are provided with a fine supper and lunch, and a lavish breakfast when they wake, for each day they stay, and are free to order food from the kitchen whenever they please outside of that.
Immortal Wizard ▼
Owned by Adrana e'Korosin, it's located in the Marble District near the bridge to the Obsidian District; it's a two story building made from a pale pink Marble, with a dark slate roof. The interior is lit by several dimly glowing gemstones set into the ceiling, and is decorated in luxurious fabrics; most seating consists of low chaise lounges and pillows seated around squat tables.   The establishment sells a number of finer alcohols- most of which are imported from elsewhere in Tolara. It's specialty, though, is a drink named after itself.   Menu
  • Finger Platter - 1 SP
  • Fine Ale - 1 SP
  • Fine Wine - 2 SP
  • Strong Alcohol - 3 SP
  • Immortal Wizard - 5 SP
  • Full Bottle - 3 GP
  Accommodations cost 1 Gem a night and consist of several large rooms. Each one has an individual bed outfitted with silk sheets and comfortable woolen mattresses- as well as a full armoire and private safe. There is also a private bath with hot water on request, snacks on request, and private chamber pot in a separate chamber. Patrons who stay in the Inn are provided with a fine supper and a lavish breakfast when they wake, for each day they stay.
Jagged Tooth ▼
Jagged Tooth Exotic Mounts is located in the dock district near the Slaver's Grounds in the Marble district. Owned by Swift on Foot, as the name suggests, the Stable is known for rare and unusual mounts that aren't found elsewhere in Saethar'Kori. In addition to these mounts, they also sell a range of animals suitable as companions for Druids, Rangers, or the general Explorer who wants a trained companion to accompany them on their forays into the Tolaran Wilds.   The shop is a two story stone walled building with carved wooden doors and iron furnishings that open onto the main pathway of the docks. The interior is made almost entirely of stone, save for the oiled wood counters and shelves. Banners hand from the walls, and the room is lit by a large chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. It smells musty and there's a bit of thrush on the floor, but it's well kept overall. A number of exotic harnesses, saddles, and armor sets are displayed around the main room. An open door to the right leads out into a high walled courtyard where a number of stalls and cages can be seen. Another door behind the counter leads to a store room.   Wares
  • Feed (1 Day) - 5 CP
  • Bit & Bridal (Exotic) - 8 SP
  • Boarding (1 Day) - 1 GM 5 SP
  • Saddle Bag (40 lbs) - 1 GM
  • Saddle (Exotic) - 8 GM
  • Lizard (Giant) - 5 GP
  • Wolf (Dire) - 5 GP
  • Bear (Dire) - 10 GP
  • Boar (Dire) - 10 GP
  • Eagle (Giant) - 50 GP
  • Barding (Exotic) - 100 GP
  • Gryphon - 150 GP
  • Hippogriff - 150 GP
The Emerald Serpent ▼
Located across from the Tanshem Aviary in the Marble District, The Emerald Serpent is half Herbalist's shop and half exotic pet trader. Its owner, Nussanti Zhatash, can get or make most things customers request. However, she primarily specializes in blended herbal teas and Reptilian pets; also available in the store is a limited selection of nature themed gift items and knick knacks- some of which are magical in nature, and some of which are not. In general, though, the shop's merchandise is of average to excellent quality and fairly priced, and most customers report that the staff is nice.   The exterior of the shop is elegant and bright in its design; its large structure is dotted with several wide colored glass windows, and multiple banners and plants hang from its exterior walls.   Inside the shop is well kept and well lit, though slightly humid and sticky in temperature. It smells vaguely of mold, wet soil and grass, and stone- with a hint of animal feces- and the soft trill and hiss of various animals can be heard from the side opposite the entrance; the floor is made from polished stone, and its shelves and counters from a dark, well oiled wood. The shelf behind the counter is filled with jars of various herbs and potions, and there's a small doorway covered by a purple curtain behind the register counter, which likely leads into a back room.   Every conceivable bit of the shop (save for several clearly marked walkways) is is filled with hundreds of plants and reptile cages- so much so that it feels more like a small botanical garden and zoo than a shop.   Wares
  • Tea (Basic) - 1 CP
  • Tea (Sleep) - 2 CP
  • Tea (Spirit / Trance) - 6 SP
  • Tea (Fine) - 8 SP
  • Insect Swarm (Food) - 3 CP
  • Mantis Swarm (Food) - 4 CP
  • Knick-Knack (Nonmagial) - 1 SP
  • Snake (Nonvenemous) - 2 SP
  • Knick-Knack (Magical) - 1 GM
  • Lizard (Small) - 3 SP
  • Snake (Venemous) - 5 SP
  • Lizard (Iguana) - 7 SP
  • Snake (Constrictor) - 2 GM
  • Snake (Flying) - 8 GM
  • Pseudodragon - 20 GP
The Lagoon ▼
A mysterious Pub that denizens of Saethar'Kori insist exists; believers claim the entrance lays in the sewers, and that it looks out at the water from beneath the docks of the Obsidian District. Those same believers often claim it's flooded night and day- and that it's haunted. So many disregard the rumors as merely false conspiracy theories.   Rumors of a secret Pub which exists only to cater to members of the Shadow Guilds are certainly true, however- and its name really is The Lagoon. But the entrance isn't in the Obsidian District, and no water's actually involved. Instead, it's located in the Marble District of all places, accessed via the Cellar of a higher end Inn known as the Immortal Wizard. Gaining entry to The Lagoon isn't an easy feat, however. Members must first prove their affiliation with the Fist of Fate.

Granite District

Connected to the Obsidian District via the South Bridge, and the Marble District via the Lower Bridge, the Granite District is located on the northeastern isle. Here the poor and less well off accumulate- though it does boast some ammenities of its own; many of the lower fighting pits can be found here, as well as the Pawner's Block and the Secondhand Market (open once every 5 days).  
Lower Market ▼
Contrary to the quiet opulence of the Marble District- and the chaotic yet utilitarian nature of the Obsidian District- is the Granite District and its markets; a place of poverty and squalor, the markets here are shoddy and only vaguely kept. The salty wind from the Island's channel not far off does little to disperse the smell; scents of urine from freshly emptied chamber pots, dirt, and sweaty bodies in a tight place intermingle with the smokey scents from greasy fried meats, and pungent scents yet unidentifiable permeate the air of this square- half covered by a large, tattered awning to shield its patrons from the elements. Here is it loud (though not as loud as other markets) as vendors desperately try to sell their wares. But the vendors are in little better than rags, and the wares basic in nature: Food, simple clothing, and very few luxuries.   Local Stores
  • Gadron's Farm and Tack
  • Slice of Life
  • Awlin's General Goods
  • Vital Humors
  • The Swinery
  • Rainy Day
Pawner's Block ▼
In little better a state than the Lower Market, the Pawner's Block and its associated Secondhand Marketsquare are reserved for the sale of used goods. Here, families gather in the square every 5th day in order to sell what they no longer have any use for- usually in a desperate attempt to garner another month's Gem for rent, food, or other necessities of daily life. Storefronts along Pawner's Block, however, are open daily for much the same reason. Their little granite storefronts in various states of disrepair; worn signs directing you to shops where you can pawn an item or two for a small price.   The general air is the same as any other location in the Granite District: Foul and offensive to the nose. Here, at least, they try to keep it clean; the granite pavers are swept daily by various shopkeeps. Still, it does little to remove the stench of desperation and dirty bodies.   Local Stores
  • Vaclav's
  • Three Copper and a Silver
  • Right's Left Hand
  • Applied Sciences
  • Gibbing's
Lower Pleasure Market ▼
Better kept than the rest of the Granite District, the Lower Pleasure Market takes pride in being an area where the most desperate for work can always earn an income.   Designed much in the same nature as the Upper Pleasure Market of the Obsidian District, as an open air courtyard surrounded by a number of Brothels. Unlike its Obsidian District counterpart, however, here few items litter the ground; it's more active at night, and only a few people loiter about its square during the day between patrons.   Local Brothels
  • Calling Wood
  • Rabid Sasquatch
  • Amusing Ring
  • Plunderer's Servant
  • Wicked Tiefling
The Cup and Bowl ▼
Owned by Kana Rakras and her Husband Ubar, the Cup and Bowl is a simple single story building framed with rough hewn timber located in the Granite District of Saethar'Kori. Inside are equally roughly hewn tables and benches; the building was once a blacksmith's shop and still smells strongly of coal smoke, but now it's a small inn and Tavern that caters to the impoverished and working class of the city.   The Cup and Bowl is well known for its food buffet- available three times a day: Once at First Breath, again at Sun's Kindling, and the last at Last Light. The fare varies depending on time of day, but is always simple food (such as stews, porridge, and salted meats) cooked by Ubar Rakras. The Tavern is so named, however, because Patrons are expected to bring their own Drinking and Eating utensils with them. Despite only selling a single Ale as a drink, however, The Cup and Bowl does have a House specialty called Maiden's Milk.   Menu
  • Morning Buffet - 1 CP
  • Lunch Buffet - 2 CP
  • Supper Buffet - 2 CP
  • Full Buffet - 3 CP
  • Ale - 1 CP
  • Maiden's Milk - 1 SP
  Accommodations consist of simple straw mats and woolen blankets that are set out near the hearth each night. These are claimed for 1 Copper piece on a first come, first serve basis.

Culture & Tradition

  While many of these buildings are open daily, several hold special events at various points within the year. One such event is the Saethar'Korian Games held at the Colosseum on the last day of every month. As the end of the year, all victors from the monthly games are invited to take part in a five day event where they battle against each other in various tests of skill and athletic prowess.   Another event is the River Races. These are held every year as part of the annual Festival of the Winter Sun in commemoration of Imalda e'Yisonn. Saethar'Korians begin preparing months in advance for these races, building ornately carved boats by hand and painting them with brightly colored designs. The finished boats are paraded through the streets during the days leading up to the festival, before builders finally race them down the river in the Marble District.

Cover image: Cartography by Fleur


Author's Notes

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I absolutely love getting feedback on my setting and its worldbuilding. I love it even more when people poke and prod at it, and ask questions about the things I've built within it. I want both. I actively encourage both. And it makes me incredibly giddy whenever I get either. However, there's a time and a place for critique in particular- mostly when I've actually asked for it (which usually happens in World Anvil's discord server). And when I do ask for critique, there are two major things I politely request that you do not include in your commentary:   ➤ The first is any sort of critique on the way I've chosen to organize or format something; Saleh'Alire is not a narrative world written for reader enjoyment... It's is a living campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. To that end, it's written and organized for my players and I, specifically for ease of use during gameplay- and our organization needs are sometimes very different than others'. They are especially diferent, often-times, from how things "should be organized" for reader enjoyment.   ➤ Secondly, is any critique about sentence phrasing and structure, word choice, and so on; unless you've specifically found a typo, or you know for a provable fact I've blatantly misued a word, or something is legitimately unclear explicitly because I've worded it too strangely? Then respectfully: Don't comment on it; as a native English speaker of the SAE dialect, language critique in particular will almost always be unwelcome unless it's absolutely necessary. This is especially true if English is not you first language to begin with. My native dialect is criticized enough as it is for being "wrong", even by fellow native English speakers ... I really don't want to deal with the additional linguistic elitism of "formal english" from Second-Language speakers (no offense intended).   That being said: If you want to ask questions, speculate, or just ramble? Go for it! I love talking about my setting and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, or entertain any thoughts about it. Praise, of course, is always welcome too (even if it's just a casual "this is great", it still means a lot to authors)- and if you love it, please don't forget to actually show that love by liking it and sharing it around. Because I genuinely do enjoy watching people explore and interact with my setting, and ask questions about it, and I'd definitely love to hear from you... Just be respectful about it, yeah?

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