Netamesphut’s Tear

Finding Water in the Desert

According to Ilerian mythos, their Goddess Netamesphut ascended to Divinity in order to save her people; a young and powerful Sorcerer at the time, she gathered as much power as she could, drawing it into herself and sacrificing her own body in order to provide water for the Ileri as they traveled across the Chisisi Desert. In the process of her ascension, the site now known as Se-Netamesphut was created- and the item called Netamesphut's Tear was found in the center where she had been standing.


According to stories, Netamesphut's Tear is a freshwater pearl large enough to fit in the palm of a man’s hand, which has been hollowed out to function as a drinking vessel of sorts. Its imperfect spherical exterior boasts an almost ethereal iridescent sheen, and is engraved with the symbol of Netamesphut (two Shepherd Staves crossed and centered with a Water Lily). Supposedly the Pearl remains notably cool to the touch regardless of the temperature of its surroundings.  


The pearl can create up to 4 gallons of fresh water as per the second level Create and Destroy Water spell. This water manifests within the hollow of the pearl, flowing over its brim if more water is created than the makeshift cup can hold. This effect can be activated once per day by use of the command word Nabu-Shar, spoken in the Ilerian language.
Item type
Holy Relic, Ilerian
Pearl   Weight
1 lb / 0.5 kg   Diameter
3 in / 7.62 cm

Cover image: Gemstones by Chan Walrus
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