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The Nom'Yth

The First Trespassers

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The ancient ruins that dot the countryside are a familiar sight to the inhabitants of Olienn, but among the remnants of their race these in particular were unique; two sister cities situated on either side of a giant chasm deep within the desert.   It was on the leftmost side of this chasm that we camped, with the Nom'ythi ruins on both sides of us. We sought to explore before supping, but discovered no way to reach the ones on our own side without first crossing the bottom of the chasm, and then ascending over a suspended bridge that seemed to lead us across.
— Excerpt from an anonymously authored journal

The Nom'yth were the first known Extraplanars to make the journey to the Material Plane- immigrating from the Feywild after their homelands became uninhabitable during the First Dragon War. Once here, they built sprawling metropoleis using advanced magical technology- the ruins of which are most often found in the Oliennesian territories.   The Oliennesian territories are considered by most Archaeologists and Archivists to be the homeland of both the Elves and the Fae- two modern descendants of the Nom'yth on the Material Plane ... Little is known about why they vanished- only that they fell to unknown causes after the end of the Second Dragon War on the Material Plane. Popular theory, however, posits the Nom'yth eventually diverged into its modern counterparts to such a point that the ancestral variants were simply no longer sustainable, leading to their inevitable but otherwise natural disappearance.

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