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Diaries of the First Voyage

The Private Journals of Imalda e'Yisonn et'Olienn

These months have, perhaps, been the most harrowing experience of our collective existence... But through faith we have prevailed- and this great land... Tolara... Is our reward.
Imalda e'Yisonn, after arriving on the Tolaran mainland in 5710

The Diaries of the First Voyage is a small collection of 7 surviving journals that were written by Imalda e'Yisonn, and authored while serving as Chief Cleric during the maiden voyage of The Golden Duchess in 5709; now widely considered the Mother of Tolara, she was originally one of the most renowned Clerics of the Cloister of Anheara at the time of her appointment to the ship.  


  Starting in Amir 5709 when she received her appointment as The Golden Duchess' accompanying Cleric, the Diaries of the First Voyage predominantly detail the life of Imalda while at sea. After the wreck of the Duchess in Oboran 5709, however, it chronicles the first months of the survivors' lives on Gwyn Tira'Kie (in what would later become Tolara) only sporadically- eventually ending with the discovery of Imalda's Bounty in Dariven, shortly before the new year.
Journal, Personal   Medium
Paper   Format
Books, in 7 volums   Date of Authorship
5709 - 5710   Authors
Imalda e'Yisonn et'Olienn

Format & Condition

  Featuring several small books of high quality parchment bound in fine leather, the name of the ship is stamped on their covers. Due to this, Archivists believe the journals had originally been custom made for Imalda after being appointed to the Golden Duchess, and were specifically intended for her use while aboard the ship. Despite likely having been ornate when acquired, however, many of the surviving journals are damaged beyond repair after being exposed to poor conditions throughout her journey- and afterwards; several books appear to be missing from the series altogether- as well as several pages from within the remaining journals. Ink on many others has run, or rubbed off over the course of the years. What little is left paints an incomplete, and at times incoherent record of the events of the Duchess' voyage and wreck.  

Sociocultural Significance

  Though not considered one of the Holy Texts of Imalda e'Yisonn after her sanctification, the series of journals retains special significance among Tolarans. First, as the only written record of the continent's discovery, and the hardships the first settlers faced- and second, as a look into the personal life and thoughts of the Mother of Tolara herself.   Because of this significance, the documents are kept within the Administrative Library at the Temple of a Thousand Faces, as part of their Archival collection. It is common for the series to be removed from the library and read aloud to dedicants during Semain e'Imalda Fenenia- a festival dedicated in Imalda's honor, and formally recognized as an official holiday on 1 Jenethi 5760. The events detailed in the journals have also been adapted into several plays (both spoken and non), which are often performed during the same celebrations.  

Cover image: Manuscript by Sam Moqadam


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