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Hut Hut

The Chicken-Footed Tavern

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Sorac gave the thing "Scritches" one night after three ales too many and a dare from another drunkard- and the damned thing nearly turned 'im into a puddle; got so excited it 'bout stepped on 'is drunk ass! Guess the thing really does like a good scratch, though ... Who would'a thought.
— The Orc Ilsbet of Rondur Clan, speaking about her adventuring partner Sorac of
Ofdal Clan, after they came across the Chicken-Footed Tavern once
  The Chicken-Footed Tavern (typically just called Hut Hut, or The Hut) is, quite literally, a self-wandering Inn and Tavern that's unlike any other in existence- and no one's quite sure how it came to be in the first place. There are several theories, of course, but none of them have ever been confirmed. Nor does anyone believe they truly can be, due to the nature of the Tavernkeeper herself.   Still, people come from near and far, hoping to catch a glimpse of this strange Tavern whenever it ventures by their area in Tolara ... At the very least it certainly makes for an interesting story to tell one's friends --- in a different Tavern; preferably one whose bottom is firmly planted in the dirt where it should be.

On the Outside

  Being two stories, it's quite small but unusually tall- with the first floor being much smaller in its footprint than the second, which has a large balcony that overhangs the first floor significantly; accessed through a barely visible door at the back left side, this balcony seems to be overflowing with all manner of bright and interesting plants, some of which cascade down the front in a sort of curtained fashion that almost obscures the large entry door for the first floor of the Tavern.   Other than its strange shape, at first glance it actually looks like any normal Stave building, having been constructed quite skillfully out of a combination of traditional charred and uncharred Pine lumber, and without the use of any nails; the charred Pine lumber has predominantly been used around the corners of the building, for the doors and doorways, and for the frames of what few windows exist. It has also been used to construct the balcony of the second story, and for the plethora of gingerbreading which accents the overhang of both the balcony and the roof; all of the charred Pine has been carved in complicated patterns that don't appear to have any rhyme, reason, or distinguishing shapes at first glance. The rest of the building has been constructed with uncharred Pine lumber, left plain and well polished, creating a beautiful two-toned construction.  
That ... Horrid ... Stuffy Bird-Tavern .... Thing ... It needs to be brought down a couple of limbs, if you know what I mean. It just ain't natural, that thing ... You know ... It just ... It ain't right.
Xandra Rull, Halfling Adventurer, drunkenly complaining outside
The roof of the Tavern, meanwhile, looks to have been modeled after the Welsh Spire shape common among the Avians. It's been further roofed from thin shingles of mixed charred and uncharred Pine, all cut into the shape of Dragon scales and overlaid in a similar pattern. And from the very top spire of the roof extends a single post that ends in a hanging Sunstone lantern that almost seems too large for the thin wooden beam to support, based on the significant bowing of the beam; it also holds a sign that simply says "Ale" in very large, very crudely engraved letters, and nothing else.

The Tavernkeep

  Nibble (or Nibbler), is a soft, matronly Arakoka female resembling a Northern Mockingbird in both coloration and body form- including striking white bands on her winged arms.   She wears a loose-fitting tunic top, over wide flowing pants, in shades of blues, and has a gnarled walking stick whose end appears to sprout flowers and buds every few days; she has an interesting habit of sitting on barrels instead of in chairs- often hunched over, and with one of her legs tucked sideways beneath her; the other arm holding her upright walking stick.   Unfortunately, like the Mockingbird that she was modeled after, Nibble is also a Mimic form Arakoka. As a result she's only capable of speaking in broken language and half sentences, using words she's memorized over the years from others who have spoken to her; due to her work as a Tavernkeep, her language tends to be limited, and related to the Hut.   A grey shorthaired Cat named Scratch seems to likewise belong to the Tavern and can usually be seen twining himself in and out of Nibble's legs- or resting in her lap while she sits.
What is truly terrifying about the building- or interesting, depending on your viewpoint (or the strength of your constitution)- is the bottom of the Tavern ... Where a very fuzzy bottom made of Chicken feathers sits, extending out into two very large, very gangly, and very scaly Chicken legs. These legs are fully functional and do indeed decide, on occasion, to get up and simply move- taking the whole of the Tavern and its current occupants right along with them; as they're attached quite firmly to the Tavern, of course no other result could possibly be expected, making most who encounter it incredibly uncomfortable with the idea of doing anything more than rubberneck as it trundles past.  

Venturing Within

  If one actually ventures inside the Tavern, they'll find it's quite cozy- if a little worn- despite its outward appearance; the large charred Pine door of the first floor opens inward to reveal a large two story room spanning the entirety of the building, with a portion of the second half just above the door taken up by a loft that appears to be a sleeping area. This is accessed by a thin ladder to the far right of the interior, with a second door leading out to the balcony that can be seen from the outside of the Tavern.  
The same external gingerbreading is carried into the interior of the building, decorating both the loft's underside as well as all of the interior beams which support the roof above. The walls inside are made of inset shelving, while the floor itself is well worn and nicked from decades of travel and made from the same charred Pine used as accents elsewhere. Furniture is minimal, however, but likewise well loved- consisting of 3 tables and many mismatched chairs- some with cushions, and some without; each table is decorated with a potted plant and a large candle- both sitting atop a well made but discolored lace doily. Further knickknacks such as pots, plants, bowls, scrolls, statuettes and other items of nearly every type conceivable seem to be shoved in every nook and cranny available.
You know the Chicken-Footed Tavern that runs around just west of here a lot? Perfectly respectable Tavern! But everyone's afraid of it- or they want to mess with it, like Toddlers on Kemug's Night. Ridiculous, how much respect they lack for things they don't understand!
Unza Traz, Minotaur Village Wife from
Ternor in Talaina'Vao's Tarael Mountains
  Sunstone lighting hangs from a large and ornately designed, but incredibly tarnished, brass chandelier tacked to the center of the spired roof above- casting a shimmering glow around the interior of the Tavern room. This is further accented by the flickering fire warming a giant stone hearth at the very back- crowded with various pots, pans, utensils, bowls, and other items; with a closer look they appear to be the tools of a combined Chef, Alchemist, Potionmaster, Brewer, and Herbalist. In front of it, a well worn Tavern bar set with a few dusty cushioned bar stools.  

Offerings & Menus

She make a rite fine Feesh Pie, I say! No, dunna know wha she pu's in tere, but i's rite good, I tell ya. If you'n ge ta chance ta visi, ya should. Bah, te buggars sayin' i's a rit farce n scare! Te ninnies dunna know teir tails from teir heads 'neways, I say!
Aman Abeb, Tameri Fisherman from Nang Kap'ahu Delta who encountered the Tavern once, speaking on its food.
  Nibble, the Tavernkeep, lives in and travels with the Hut full time- foraging for ingredients wherever it takes her and Scratch, and growing whatever else she can out on the Hut's balcony. As a result, the Tavern's offerings are whatever she has on hand that day, and every item offered is produced with ingredients she's foraged or grown herself.  

Tavern Menu

Hut Menu

Roll the Dice
1Bird (3 SP per plate). Breaded pan fried breast of Griffon, in house Whisky and Bog Mushroom Sauce.
2Berry Pie (1 SP per slice). A Strawberry tart filled with almond cream, and beautifully decorated with whole strawberries and mint leaves.
3Nom (1 SP per plate). Grilled mixed Alligator, Squid, Octopus, and Shrimp, served over plain Marsh Rice with a Garlic and Lime sauce.
4Gin (3 CP per shot). A fine in-house liquor made using Juniper Berries and Glacial Spring Water; always refreshing!
5Honey Cookies (1 CP for 2). Shortbread cookies spiced with well ground Juniper Berry, Fennel Seed, Angelica Root, and Honey.
6Befada (2 CP per slice). A braided bread-cake spiced with Brandy, Honey, and Candied Orange Peel.
7Bog Grog (1 CP per Tankard). An in-house Rum mixed with fresh Laya Juice.
8Beautypie (1 CP per). A dainty, flaky little pastry hand pie filled with Beautyberry, Cardamon, and White Pepper.
9Hunter's Pie (1 SP per slice). A large slice of flaky pastry pie filled with minced Boar meat and roasted chestnuts, and seasoned with Wild Carrot Seed, Sumac, and Stinging Nettle.
10Biscuits (1 CP for 2). Puffy, flaky, savory butter biscuits flavored with Summer Savory, Black Pepper, and Thyme.
11Tincture (2 CP per Bottle). A drink made of sweet juice with a dash of alcohol bitters made with fermented mixed herbs.
12Feesh (3 SP per plate). A hearty hunk of roasted giant River Fish, served with a side of grilled mixed Root Vegetables (Rutabaga, Turnips, Potatoes, Beets, and Carrots).
13Purple Stew (1 CP a bowl). A thick, well seasoned clear broth in which several round, unidentifiable, purple and white globular vegetables float.
14Sheesha (1 CP a bowl). A large bowl of thick, Tomato based stew seasoned with Basil, Oregano, and Sumac- served with three sunnyside up Eggs over the top.
15Tisane (1 CP per Cup). Any herbal tea, freshly prepared.
16Dumplings (1 CP for 2). Thin rice dumplings filled with mixed fish paste seasoned with Chili and Date, with a whole Shrimp in the center; served in a small bowl with a little lightly flavored Fish Broth.
17Haloo (2 CP per plate). Alligator and Whitefish cooked in a creamy white herb sauce, and served in a round loaf of fresh baked Rye Bread.
(roll twice if a drink's the first result)

Potion Offerings

Hut Potions

Roll the Dice
1Nibbler's Ointment (2 CP). A translucent ointment that smells faintly of Aloe and Mint; applying this ointment to the skin removes all poison effects inflicted by venomous creatures and restores 1d8 HP.
2Bottled Oasis (1 GP). A tall decanter filled with clear water. You can pour the water into a planter to create a magical oasis that fills up to a 100 sqft space over 10 minutes. The formed oasis has a pond filled with clean water and several exotic, fruit-bearing trees that can nourish up to fifteen humanoids (or five steeds) for 24 hours. Merely drinking the water in the bottle has no effect, however- but it does taste refreshing.
3Shampoo (1 CP). Washing your hair with this shampoo during your usual bath routine causes your hair to smell like cotton candy and faintly glitter with an ethereal sheen; you have advantage on Performance skill checks, and disadvantage on all Stealth checks when not in complete darkness, for the next 1d8 hours.
4Mana Potion (3 SP). A bright purple, herbal smelling liquid in a plain bottle. Upon drinking it you regain 1 spell slot of 1d4 level.
5Revitalizing Tonic (1 SP). Smells strongly of honey, ginger, and sage; Upon drinking you may reroll a saving throw to resist a disease you've contracted, automatically curing yourself on a success. If the disease doesn’t impose a saving throw, the tonic does nothing, however.
6Bath Potion (1 SP). This bubbly potion smells faintly of honey and vanilla; upon drinking the potion, your outermost layer of skin (only) becomes clean or any remaining dirt and grime. In addition, your breath, hair, and nails are immaculately cleaned and refreshed. Any further blood, dirt, or grime magically falls away instead of sticking for the next 24 hours.
7Sovereign Glue (1 GP). This viscous, milky-white substance can form a permanent adhesive bond between any two objects; one ounce of the glue can cover a 1 sqft surface and takes 1 minute to set. Once it has, the bond it creates can be broken only by the application of universal solvent or oil of etherealness, or with a Wish spell.
8Health Potion (1 SP). A bright red, herbal smelling liquid in a plain bottle. Upon drinking it you regain 2d4+2 HP.
9Lucky Goldfish (1 GM). A water orb bottle containing a brightly colored Goldfish; as long as you are in possession of the bottle, the fish is alive and unharmed, and the bottle is not broken, once a day you may choose to have advantage on a skill roll or saving throw of your choice (these items do not stack).
10Flower Bomb (3 SP). Upon impact, a 20 foot ring of sickly sweet pink mist forms centered on the bomb's point of impact. The area is heavily obscured by the mist, and any creature inside the ring cannot breathe for 4 rounds unless they succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. Once the mist dissipates, the ground is lush and green, and there is new growth and flowers all over the area.
11Essense of Toad (2 CP). A toad shaped flask filled with swampy green liquid. Upon drinking you are instantly transformed into a Toad for 1d8 hours (or until you're reduced to 0 hp).
12KI Potion (2 SP). A bright blue, herbal smelling liquor in a plain bottle. Upon drinking it you regain 1 Ki point.
13Toothpaste (1 CP). Spending 15 minutes brushing your teeth with this minty fresh toothpaste grants you advantage on Persuasion skill checks for 1d8 hours.
(roll three times)

Herbs to Harvest

Hut Herbs

Roll the Dice
1Honey Nuts (2 CP per). Small round, hard shelled fruits. Once cracked they release a gel that smells and tastes similar to honey.
2Ocran (1 SP per). Long, hand length blue pods similar to Okra. Sour smelling, and emits a faint blue glow.
3Feather Lily (1 GM per). A large, blue and orange, Peace Lily-like flower with a bright orange feather-like spadix.
4Oblivion Fruit (3 GM per). A larger, dark orange persimmon-like fruit with a sweet and near addictive taste; incredibly rare.
5Exploding Bindcones (2 SP per). Like regular Pinecones, but orange and warm to the touch; they explode when exposed to heat.
6Midnight Carrot (1 GM per). A tasteless purple Carrot variety often used in certain sleeping poisons.
7Witch Weed (1 SP per pot). A trailing vine plant whose trails are almost entirely serrated leaf covered with fine irritating needle-like hairs, and which fade from dark green to dark purple in color.
8Bell Fruit (1 CP per). A fruit with a dry dark brown outer husk, and a gold interior fruit a bit like a peeled Lychee in shape. If one leaves it in the husk and shakes it, it makes a chime like a bell.
9Juicy Fruit (3 CP per). A light pink and purple toned strawberry-like fruit with orange seeds, valued for the drink that can be produced from it.
10Syble Blossom (3 GM per). A rare, feathery purple flowering herb valued for perfumes and potpourri, as well as being used in resurrection rituals.
11Bloodroot (1 SP per). A blood red root of a dark brown shrub, often found near water sources in the Desert and valued for its ability to cure poisons.
12Rose-of-Dawn (5 GP per). A red rose in a bright yellow bramble; incredibly rare and blooms only after an eclipse.
13Sunberry (1 CP for 5). Bright orange berries that come from a yellow cactus, often found in random clusters. Often used in healing potions.
14Stinkhorn (1 CP per). Bright white puffball Mushrooms with green spots; incredibly foul smelling, but great for use in Toad Essences, and for Stink Cloud and similar Bombs.
15Qiao'Hon Flower (1 SP per). A beautiful waxy flower valued for its use in perfumes and teas.
16Qiao'Hon Bark (6 CP per ounce). Bark from the Qiao'Hon tree, valued for its pain relief and slight hallucinogenic properties.
17Tiger's Milk Fungi (1 SP per). A rare red cage mushroom whose pores weep black gel, and which releases milky white liquid when cut; valued for its greater restoration properties.
18Coastal Jack (3 CP per bushel). Small yellow flowers on thin twiggy stems with no leaves. Common and valued for its slight healing properties.
19Lion's Mane (2 SP per bushel). A bush that produces flowers in long, thin, golden strands; usually brewed into a tincture for strength or constitution.
20Sea Bead (1 CP per bag). Pea-like vine with small bean-sized pods; can be used as an emergency food source.
21Sailor's Tobacco (5 CP per bushel). Arm sized silver fuzzed leaf, and purple flowers when in bloom; often wild harvested and used as a Tabaco substitute by Sailors.
22Wraithling's Finger (1 GM per). A long, pale grey mushrooms which grows in caves near dead creatures and causes necrotic damage.
23Ghost Fungus (1 SP). A pale, almost ethereal looking and faintly white-glowing lichen that grows on rocks in wet, dark areas, and which is valued for the fact it exists somewhat between the planes.
(roll twice again)

Rumors & Oddities

Nibble isn't just a Tavernkeep- and the Hut isn't just a Tavern. She also trades in plants and potions she brews, offering up a wide range of products to those who are willing to overcome their fear, actually step into the Hut, and browse her wares. And if you're particularly convincing (or if she or Scratch just likes you), you might even be able to get her to part with one of the many trinkets overloading her shelves.

Nibbler's Trinkets

Roll the Dice
1A wooden mask carved into a Roc's face
2A Lantern with a detachable cover that casts a shadow of an Eye
3An orange bedroll with violet moon phase pattern
4A cameo brooch of a Hydra
5A necklace made of Direwolf teeth
6A 1 inch pyramid, each side painted a different color
7An Alabaster snuffbox, empty but inscribed 'wishes'
8A Fox Pelt
9A hair ornament made from Mother of Pearl
10An artificial human nose
11A necklace of prayer beads
12An intricate cup made from Alabaster
13A flexible Willow Wood bracelet
14A miniature Prayer Book
15A spoon carved from Turquoise
16A Flute carved from Bamboo
17A gilded pair of knucklebone dice
18An ornate beard-comb made from crystal
19A cup made from Terracotta carved with a Bronze Dragon
20A giant hunk of Amber with a Beetle in it
21A petrified Mouse
22A charming wooden Love Spoon
23A writing quill made from a Chimera Feather
24A silver bell with a clear sound
25A piece of crystal that faintly glows in the moonlight
26A diary written in a language you don't recognize
27A brass ring that never tarnishes
28An old chess piece made from glass
29The deed for a parcel of land in a realm unknown to you
30A 1-ounce block made from an unknown material
31A small cloth doll in bright colored clothing
32A tooth from an unknown beast
33An enormous scale, perhaps from a dragon
34A bright green feather
35An old and very worn divination deck
36A glass orb filled with moving smoke
37A 1-pound egg with a bright red shell
38A pipe that blows bubbles
39A tiny gnome-crafted music box that still plays its song
40A brass orb etched with strange runes
41A multicolored stone disk
42A tiny silver icon of a raven
43A shard of obsidian that always feels warm
44A pair of old socks
45A glass vial filled with nail clippings
46A white, sequined glove sized for a Human
47A vest with one hundred tiny pockets
48An empty glass vial that smells of perfume
49A scrap of cloth from an old banner
50A tiny silver bell without a clapper
51A mechanical Canary
52A tiny chest carved to look like it has a hundred feet on the bottom
53A silver spoon with an 'M' engraved on the handle
54A whistle made from gold
55A small box filled with different-sized buttons
56An old key
57An indecipherable treasure map
58A hilt from a broken sword
59A rabbit's foot
60A glass eye
61A pyramid of sticky black incense that smells very bad
62A gold monocle frame without the lens
63A crystal knob from an old door
64A small packet filled with pink dust
65A fragment of song, written as musical notes on two pieces of parchment
66A fan that, when unfolded, shows a sleeping cat
67A set of bone pipes
68A book discussing manners and etiquette
69A parchment and charcoal drawing of a complex mechanical device
70A purple handkerchief embroidered with the initial 'L'
71Half of a finished floorplan for a temple, the other half has been torn off
72An ornate brooch of dwarven design
73A tiny mechanical crab
74A metal urn containing ashes
75An unusually sharp spoon
76A wooden spoon that looks like it was carved from a bigger spoon at one point
77A pewter spoon with a Crown held by a Lion on the end
78A Crown made out of thirty broken spoons
79A set of eating utensils where the knife is etched with 'spoon', the spoon with 'fork', and the fork with 'knife'
80A spoon that makes any drink you stir with it hot
81A spoon that can become a shovel if you say the word 'Dig' while holding it above your head
82A rusted spoon that, no matter what, you can't seem to get rid of once it's been gifted to you
83A comically large spoon that can be used as an improvised weapon, doing 1d4 bludgeoning damage
84A bent spoon that enhances the flavor of any soup or similarly spoonable dish consumed with it
85A bright and faintly glowing silver spoon that tarnishes and dims when it touches poisoned food
86A spoon made out of the horn or tusk of a mysterious creature, that, when used to cook porridge, makes any meal extra nourishing- granting 1d4 temporary hitpoints to those who eat it
87A tiny spoon carved from Opalite
88An overly large spork carved from marble, with ornate engraved details on the handle
89A spork carved from wood, with a small painted Cardinal on the end
90A matching Knife and Fork set made from gold, with gilded Ivory handles
91A rusted, severely bent fork that looks to have once been beautiful
92A tuning fork made from a dark metal that glows during thunderstorms
93A broken table knife whose handle is carve with Imp heads in various expressions
94A pair of Silk trousers with gold thread embroidery of sailing ships and ocean waves
95A thin sheet of cooking paper that's been folded into the shape of a swan
96A small iron sculpture of a Phoenix
97A small wooden box containing a set of clay men figurines
98An erotic novel that's written backwards
99The hollowed-out shell of a large hermit crab
100A quill that never runs out of ink- but changes its ink color every hour
Nibble likes interesting people, and interesting things- as can be seen by the knickknacks flooding every corner of The Hut. And if she thinks you look interesting, then you might want to be a bit warry: She'll bother you until you eventually acquiesce to a search of your things, and hand over your precious Haversack (or Backpack) to her. And if she finds something particularly shiny? She'll keep it- adding it to her hoard.   There is actually a strange benefit to allowing this obsession of hers, however. If she finds a pretty spoon or other piece of cutlery among your things, then your party can expect to eat free ... A good Trinket, however, can land you a free Potion instead ... And a new seed or plant can get you a different Herb from her own collection; she calls it "trading".
Where did the Chicken-Footed Tavern come from? Was it built, or was it hatched? Will it get bigger as it ages- and does it even age in the first place? How long will it "live"? Is is living? Did Nibble and Scratch find it- or did Nibble build (or hatch) it herself? Is it Nibble's child? Was there a Tavernkeep before Nibble? Where did Scratch even come from? These are all burning questions that no one knows the answers to- and the Tavernkeep can't seem to tell anyone because of her vocal limitations (what with being a Mimic, and all) ... If she even knows herself; it appears that Hut Hut's origins, and its nature, will likely remain a mystery for as long as it exists.

Hut Hut wanders around Tolara entirely on its own accord, and according to its own desires and inclinations; going too and fro wherever- and whenever- it pleases ... No one knows what actually guides its movements. But it appears to be at least somewhat sentient.

Hut Location

Roll the Dice
1Dhmor Sim'rana
2Greater Phorian Plains
3Lesser Phorian Plains
4Sias'ameine Coast
5Mainland Rei Anhur
7Chisisi Desert
8Gahiji Mountains
9Nisaba Pass
10Hiatal Mountains
11Kogria Mountains
12Ajda-Donesh Basin
13Ajda Wet Forest
14Donesh Dry Forest
15Nang Kap'ahu Delta
Hut Hut does seem to have some sort of weather preferences- prefering open fields and dry conditions, and avoiding the rain and snow by frequently hiding in forests or under cliff overhangs. It even roosts at night, and at one point it was found doing so on top of a Bell Tower!


Author's Notes

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I absolutely love getting feedback on my setting and its worldbuilding. I love it even more when people poke and prod at it, and ask questions about the things I've built within it. I want both. I actively encourage both. And it makes me incredibly giddy whenever I get either. However, there's a time and a place for critique in particular- mostly when I've actually asked for it (which usually happens in World Anvil's discord server). And when I do ask for critique, there are two major things I politely request that you do not include in your commentary:   ➤ The first is any sort of critique on the way I've chosen to organize or format something; Saleh'Alire is not a narrative world written for reader enjoyment... It's is a living campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons. To that end, it's written and organized for my players and I, specifically for ease of use during gameplay- and our organization needs are sometimes very different than others'. They are especially diferent, often-times, from how things "should be organized" for reader enjoyment.   ➤ Secondly, is any critique about sentence phrasing and structure, word choice, and so on; unless you've specifically found a typo, or you know for a provable fact I've blatantly misued a word, or something is legitimately unclear explicitly because I've worded it too strangely? Then respectfully: Don't comment on it; as a native English speaker of the SAE dialect, language critique in particular will almost always be unwelcome unless it's absolutely necessary. This is especially true if English is not you first language to begin with. My native dialect is criticized enough as it is for being "wrong", even by fellow native English speakers ... I really don't want to deal with the additional linguistic elitism of "formal english" from Second-Language speakers (no offense intended).   That being said: If you want to ask questions, speculate, or just ramble? Go for it! I love talking about my setting and I'm always happy to answer any questions you have, or entertain any thoughts about it. Praise, of course, is always welcome too (even if it's just a casual "this is great", it still means a lot to authors)- and if you love it, please don't forget to actually show that love by liking it and sharing it around. Because I genuinely do enjoy watching people explore and interact with my setting, and ask questions about it, and I'd definitely love to hear from you... Just be respectful about it, yeah?

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Dec 28, 2022 01:16

Love it, looks like Baba Yaga may have competition.

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
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Dec 28, 2022 01:28 by Anna Katherina

Baba Yaga was exactly the inspiration, ha. I just need to finish it- but sadly my head is just not up for it today; I've been fighting all day just to get what little I currently have down. I still need some flavor text, and the rumors.

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I love this SO MUCH. Possibly one of the best articles to come out of this WorldEmber! I hope you win the Building category!

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That was a very fun read. I love the idea of a travelling tavern (whether based on a living being or not). I wish we got to know more about Nibble. How and when did Nibble find Hut Hut (or did Nibble create Hut Hut)? Was there someone before Nibble? Etc, etc...   Are you planning on dropping this on your campaign?   Finally, I must ask: how did you get those invisible rolling tables? (meaning: you do not see the contents of the rolled options)

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No one knows! That's part of the beauty of the Tavern, I think. It's so mysterious not only because it's completely unique, but because Nibble just can't tell you! (or, if she tries to, you may not understand it!).   It definitely wanders around a lot of areas where my players can run into it. So while I have no plans to just drop it on them as of currently, there's a VERY high likelihood they could actually run into it at some point in their travels. They're much more likely to run into The Heron, however, because of its nature; The Heron is a pocket dimension Tavern that appears "to adventurers in need" so long as they're on a main road!   The Roll Tables I use are specifically the DnD 5E Random Roll STATBLOCKS as opposed to the actual roll table block function- and they're two very different things! The Random Roll Statblocks don't show the contents by default; I've then further modified some of them with additional CSS containers that I can add to them in order to force the overflow with scrollbar, and to remove the header inside of it in some cases (all cases in this particular article, but I leave it in other articles) :)

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Oh my, there is so much to love about the world of Saleh'Alire, by yeslittlehummingbird so its easy enough to reach in grab an article knowing it will be great. So it was a toss up between the Scholars Orb which is magic, sentient, was a person and now their creation is banned or the Hut Hut Tavern, just consider what it would look like if Baba Yaga and her hut when into the tavern business, nuff said. Creative content, wonderful writing, gorgeous styling and TTRPG extras like rolling tables.

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I love the idea of a chicken-mounted tavern. This is a really nice kind of weird.

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You would LOVE the myths of Baba Yaga that the Tavern is based on, then! I highly recommend reading them <3

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Jan 23, 2023 04:50

It is a nice twist on the run-of-the-mill tavern you find in most stories, and a nice touch with the dice system keeps things interesting; my only concern is if Baba Yaga is just using this as a trick to eat people, considering it is familiar to her house in more ways than one.

May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
The Sagas world cover
Jan 26, 2023 15:58 by Anna Katherina

I can assure you it is definitely NOT a trick from Baba Yaga, ha. She's off busy somewhere else! I can tell you, however, that she's not the only one with Chicken-Footed Houses, or the ability to create them in Saleh'Alire!

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