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The Arcverse is a fictional version of our own universe heavily based in scientific fact and plausible speculation. The canonical history of the Arcverse stretches from the Big Bang that began the universe to the final extra-universal migration of all sophonts in the known universe; over half a trillion years of time. The universe unfolds through a planned series of 15 books called the Singularity Cycle, which runs through that half trillion years and tells the story of the whole universe from its very beginning. The series charts the entire history of sophonts in the cosmos, focusing on the four major species across the ages: the Firsts, the Aeons, the Aehr, and finally the Humans. The Arcverse is designed to revolve around the concept of sapience and the myriad forms a sophont species could evolve. The core of the project is to explore just how far advanced a society can get, what technologies would develop and when, and how a species would evolve around their technology. From this crux and its scientific base has sprung an expansive universe where a great many different concepts have been explored, from the evolution of tool-using sophonts in the atmosphere of a gas giant to a number of different approaches to Faster-Than-Light travel. The Arcverse is designed to awe readers and observers, and to inspire in them wonder at the immensity and vast possibility of our own universe.