The Uu'nthh'phhhlrrt, the independent subdivisions of which are colloquially called "blorbs" (though this is somewhat inaccurate as they refer to themself as a single entity), is a sophont unlike any other in the galaxy. The nearest comparisons one can draw are the Azrr'rans and the Monian Entity, though the Uu'nthh is only vaguely similar to either. The blorbs are quite literally sentient, gelatinous blobs of cellular goo.

Blorbs can merge with each other, and when they merge, their individual knowledge, experience, and memories combine into a single entity. Blorbs can also duplicate themselves in order to create memory redundancy for the species. Thus, there is no true individuality in blorb culture. Neither is there ignorance, selfishness, warfare, poverty or wealth. Social function is fluid. The blorbs have a true communistic utopia, though they have no individuality. In truth, all blorbs are simply extensions and components of one huge blorb.

Basic Information


As their name suggests, blorbs are amorphous creatures composed entirely of stem cells, with no designated organs for any particular purpose. Instead, all specialized organelles are scattered throughout the blobs, allowing simultaneous intake and process of all incoming information.

Ecology and Habitats

The blorb(s) is/are the only major lifeform on their planet. Nthh has absolutely zero other lifeforms, as all mock-niches are occupied by the blorbs. They are also the most adaptable organic life in the known universe, and have the ability to settle worlds that lack even an atmosphere.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Uu'nthh are found throughout the galaxy, though their primary hub is located on their homeworld Nthh.

Average Height
Average Weight
Biotype biochemical multicellular
Biochemical base carbon; indiscriminate
Solvent H2O
Respiration compounds H2O; CO2
Physiotype amorphous monocellutypic
Sapience type nonfocal collective
Homeworld Nthh


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