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Doug Marshall

Member Since: 25 Sep, 2018


Hiya! I'm Doug "Spyglass" Marshall, with SpyglassRealms as the moniker I operate under in some form or another across the web (except the places where I couldn’t switch over from my previous nethandle, WorldBuildersInc.) I'm an astrobiology major, a gigantic space nerd, and as my presence here implies, I’m a huuuuge worldbuilding geek. On a related note, I produce two podcasts: The Escape Artists, an actual-play TTRPG show with some friends set in Aedrynn; and Starhopper Radio, a short-form science fiction anthology series set in the Diaspora universe.

You can find all of the sites on which I lurk through my Linktree. Enjoy the tour!





• 1 Campaign • 2 Characters •


Tales of Pinereach

Table Tale


Level 7 Tabaxi TN (CN-leaning) Rogue
/ 26 HP


Interests & Hobbies

Getting lost in nature, being a good friend, SPACE, speculative biology, science in general, and PODCASTS

Favorite Movies

Interstellar, The Martian, Treasure Planet, Star Wars, Avatar (the alien one), Spaceballs, MPatHG, etc

Favorite TV Series

Don't watch TV anymore.

Favorite Podcasts

Wolf 359, Tides, Startripper!!, The Adventure Zone, The CryptoNaturalist, and Tetrapod Zoology (aka TetZoo)

Favorite Books

Literally anything by Douglas Adams, Carl Sagan, and Rick Riordan, Amulet series (Kibushi), the Space Odyssey series (Clarke), Expedition (Barlowe), etc.

Favorite Writers

Douglas Adams, Carl Sagan, Rick Riordan

Favorite Games

The only games I own are Minecraft and Godd Coward's Elder Todds V: Skrym, but lately I've become inexpressibly fond of D&D.

Badges & Awards

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