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Hiya! I'm Doug "Spyglass" Marshall, with SpyglassRealms as the moniker I operate under in some form or another across the web (except the places where I couldn’t switch over from my previous nethandle, WorldBuildersInc.) I'm an astrobiology major, a gigantic space nerd, and as my presence here implies, I’m a huuuuge worldbuilding geek. On a related note, I produce two podcasts: The Escape Artists, an actual-play TTRPG show with some friends set in Aedrynn; and Starhopper Radio, a short-form science fiction anthology series set in the Diaspora universe.

You can find all of the sites on which I lurk through my Linktree. Enjoy the tour!

Interests & Hobbies

SPACE! / Nature / Speculative biology / Science, broadly / Audio fiction

Favorite Movies

Treasure Planet / The Martian / Spaceballs / Monty Python

Favorite TV Series

Have some podcasts instead:
Wolf 359 / Startripper!! / The Adventure Zone / The Cryptonaturalist / Tetrapod Zoology (aka TetZoo)

Favorite Books

Pale Blue Dot / Cosmos / The Martian / Amulet series / Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series / Space Odyssey series (2001 and sequels)

Favorite Writers

Douglas Adams / Carl Sagan / Andy Weir / Arthur C. Clarke / Rick Riordan

Favorite Games

Minecraft / No Man's Sky / The Elder Scrolls series / Hollow Knight   Tabletop Games
Dungeons & Dragons (5e) / Hyperlanes / Monster of the Week

Latest Loved work



Virtual Intelligence

Magic of Fillimet

Wormhole Rush