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Generic article | Oct 28, 2019

An introduction to the Sphaeraverse and its metanarrative reasoning.

Sphaera is an Earthlike planet tucked in an unremarkable G-type star system somewhere in galactic quadrant 4 of the Milky Way. It would be practically identical to any other terraformed world if not for its incredibly high sophont diversity. A staggering 27 species of intelligent beings inhabit Sphaera -the result of ancient science.

Sphaera is an Earthlike world with three major continents: Sikano (south), Arokha (northwest), and Eren (northeast). Thalassaterria, the massive island chain to the northwest of Sikano, is sometimes counted as a separate continent due to its size and tectonic characteristics. Sphaera hosts a wide range of nations and geopolitical powers, from the rigid borders of the Tyerian Empires to the loosely affiliated tribes of kawataro in the southern hemisphere.
Sphaera has three major continents: the untamed wilds of Sikano (south), the myriad biomes of Arokha (northwest), and the fusion of nature and mechanistic civilization that is Eren (northeast). Thalassaterria, the massive tropical island chain to the northwest of Sikano, is sometimes counted as a separate continent. The lands of Sphaera are surrounded by a global ocean, facilitating an intricate sea travel system that thrives alongside the more recent skyships.

Generic article | Oct 10, 2019

The arcane physics that allow living things to tamper with the natural world.

The universe containing Sphaera and its fellow inhabited worlds is akin to our own save one fundamental difference: the embedding of magic within the very laws of physics. This world's arcane power is ascribed to a unique class of quanta that comprise the psi force, allowing organic life to tamper with the machinations of the other four forces at the fair price of metabolism.