Pillar of Heaven

This article exists in the context of the Astral Era, after Sphaeran civilization's ascendancy to the interstellar level. Before approximately 3000 SR, Sphaeran civilization would not have known this information.
The Pillar of Heaven was the space elevator that linked the orbiting Running Star to the surface of Sphaera. Forty thousand kilometers in height, the Pillar was a marvel of harpiian engineering that provided the essential link between the Sphaera-bound colonies and the greater galaxy.

Purpose / Function

The Pillar of Heaven was constructed from the top down, forming a link between the surface and the orbital station that brought the harpies and their genetically-engineered creations to the planet's terraformed surface.


The Pillar served the colonists well during the settlement era and onwards for roughly two million years. However, during the Reverent Conquests the Pillar was destroyed by Angelic forces to sabotage the fledgling colony. They succeeded. After the Shattering, the isolation of the Sphaerabound harpiian colonies from the galactic colonial network thanks to the Reverent Conquest proved to be their civilization's undoing, causing the Collapse that marked the start of the Sylvestrian period.
Alternative Names
Orbital, Space elevator
Parent Location
3000000 Hrp (2 million BC)
Constructed by
Skhaariaq'chul Planetary Development Collective
0 Syl (0 AC)


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