Harpies are a species of gryphon relative who possess quite advanced sapience. They are one of the Ancient Races, and the original terraformers of the planet Sphaera.

Basic Information


Harpies are within the gryphon clade, and are thus horizontally-aligned. They are feathered, like all gryphons, and have a distinct sickle claw on the inner toe of each both hindlimbs. Harpies are flightless, but their arms are structured rather like wings for cursorial vector control, and their long, stiff tails are used for balance and inertia control while running as well.

Ecology and Habitats

Harpies are highly adaptable, and can survive in any environments that can be made even remotely suitable for terrestrial life through use of technology and/or magic.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Harpies can be found in appreciable numbers throughout the world, but their population is concentrated on the far northwestern end of Sikano.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The harpies speak a unique language called ei’shiax, though they are capable of approximating humanoid vocalizations if and when they wish.


The harpies are an ancient race, scattered across Sphaera –and indeed, across the galaxy. Originally from Earth itself, the harpies achieved spaceflight eons ago and were the beings who originally terraformed Sphaera, along with swathes of other planets. The population on Sphaera have long since forgotten their origins and believe they, as well as the other Ancient Races, are endemic to the planet; however, the ruins of the ancient harpy settlements remain as monuments to the colonists of old (including the derelict orbital station, immortalized in local lore as the Running Star).
Scientific Name
Saurosapiens inequalis
Average Height
1 meter
Average Weight
45 kilograms
Average Length
2.4 meters
Sapience type
Waystone Info
+2 INT
+1 DEX

Innate Traits

Need for Speed
Using your winglike forearms and long tail as airfoils and counterbalances, you can maneuver precisely at speed and occasionally glide very short distances. Your acrobatics skill is increased by 1.
Light as a Feather
This evolutionary need for aerodynamicity has unfortunately reduced your species’ overall density. If hit in combat, you take one additional damage point if the hit is tagged as bludgeoning.


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