The Southern Federation

The largest cohesive nation in Eren, the world superpower known as the Aurian Provincial Federation (natively named the Heraðsríki) spans the entire southern coast of the mainland.  


  The Heraðsríki is composed of five provinces: Lansur, Bennu, Kruunu, Ilesi, and Marn. Combined, these stretch across the southern lobe of the Erenic mainland, starting in the far east and extending along the southern border of darvic territory to the Ain Þaraivas. From here, Federal territory curves up along the western border of darvic territory to meet the southern edge of the Tyrian Empires and the Enele Basin Tribal Alliance. From this border onward to the Bay of Aethoel, the Southern Federation's border is defined by the Ain Asura.  
  The physical geography of the Federation varies based on region. Much of the west-central provinces is arid mountains and badlands, with forested fringes ranging from temperate deciduous to tropical jungle. To the east, however, the climes are more hospitable. While the northern reaches of Ilesi and Marn are occupied by the foothills of the Southern Range, they quickly transition to subtropical forest and field. Pyrgos Island, a part of Ilesi, is far more humid and tropical, bearing some of the most massive plants in the known universe: the colossal towertrees, pines hundreds of feet high that shroud the island in perpetual shade.  


  The population of the Southern Federation is largely goblin. Though goblins are common across the Federation -and indeed all over the planet-, there is a particular concentration of skreii in the western half of the country, as this is where goblins are technically native to. Humans are second-most common, evenly distributed across the nation. The eastern provinces have proportionally higher numbers of dwarves due to their shared northern border, while the population of Lansur province has a comparatively large percentage of elves -unsurprising, given the province's sea border with the Maoganai Archipelago. Apart from these four species, the rest of the populace consists of an assortment of other sophonts from across the globe.  


  Long before the democratic republic of the modern Heraðsríki, the southern reaches of Eren were split into numerous city-states and loosely affiliated territories. These proto-nations were united under the great arcane inventor Andir Eltaurin I in 1433 SR. The Aurian Empire, called Aurindi Valtaken in Skreitung, started in the foothills of the Southern Range around Kruunu Kaupi. It rapidly expanded, first annexing the Spires and growing to encompass most of southwestern Eren between the Ain Asura and Ain Þaraivas, plus the southern isles.   After the death of Empress Ilden Eltaurin VI in 1862 SR left the empire without an heir, a civil war seemed imminent. To prevent such a disaster, the Imperial Senate voted to give themselves full legislative power and convert the position of Emperor to a democratically elected executive post with a term limit of five years. Soon after, the eastern territories joined the newly minted Heraðsríki as provinces, leading to the modern shape of the Federation.

Yhndis alla Aurin
United beneath the Sun

Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Federal Senate
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations

Foreign Relations

The Heraðsríki is closely allied with their neighbors and the Orniikh Empire, but endures an uneasy truce with both the Eian Empire and the Gorgonic Tribunal.


The Federation is a hotbed of scientific and technological innovation, including the invention of the skyships in Vyrtskard.


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