The dwarves of Sphaera are reclusive cave-dwellers from Eren, closely related to elves and goblins. Having lived in the cave systems beneath the mountains for so long, dwarves have adapted to the dark stone labyrinth both physically and culturally.

Basic Information


Dwarves are diminutive humanoids with enormous ears, poor eyesight, and prodigious sensory facial hair. The final extant endpoint of elven evolution, dwarves are well adapted for life in the darkness of the extensive montane cave networks.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dwarven society is reclusive, but not nearly as isolated as, for example, the boggarts. The vast majority of the dwarven population lives within the borders of the Komgn Klannr Darven in the eastern half of Eren’s Southern Range.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The dwarves speak dialects of a common tongue. The language family is called darvic.



Millions of years ago, Eren's ancestral fruit bats were forced into a quadrupedal terrestrial lifestyle after an ice age wiped out the forests they called home. As a result, they grew larger and lost their wings in favor of ambulatory arms and useable forepaws. When the jungle returned, the ex-bats evolved a gibbon-like niche thanks to their long, powerful arms. Their intelligence increased as well, following a path similar to humans. However, the dawn of the second global cooling period forced the bat-gibbons out of the trees again, who resorted to bipedal locomotion. To survive in the returning grasslands, the proto-elves began to evolve sapience at last. During this period, some tribes ventured into the mountains of the Southern Range, becoming smaller and stockier (and regaining facial hair)- the origin of goblins. Soon after, a certain subset of goblins took a particular liking to the vast cave network under the mountains, leading to full-time subterranean lifestyle. The ancestral dwarves re-adapted echolocation and increased the volume and sensitivity of their facial hair in response to the permanent darkness of their earthen halls.
Scientific Name
Chirosapiens subterraneus
Average Height
1 meter
Average Weight
45 kilograms
Related Myths
Sapience type
Waystone Info
+2 CON
+1 INT

Innate Traits

You can 3D-map the space around you in your head with echolocation. You may ask the GM any questions about the physical space you are in and they must answer honestly.
Blind as a Bat
Your eyes are awful, because your species evolved underground. You must rely on your teammates to describe visual elements of perception checks, like writing or paintings.


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