Boggarts –sometimes referred to derogatorily as “hags”– are a reclusive race of nocturnal nomads native to the large island of Hiaal in the Thalassaterrian archipelago. Seeing a boggart anywhere other than Hiaal was until recently almost unheard of –in the past few decades, the boggarts have begun to spread to the rest of the archipelago.

Having domesticated the native nocturnal titanbirds, boggarts live in small covens of wheeled huts which are transported by the immense dinornithines. This has led to some legends about hags that live in bird-footed huts, though the boggarts are far from cannibals.


Anatomy & Morphology

Boggarts are medium-sized primatoid sophonts, with their long tail composing around half their body length. By most standards they are quite grotesque; their immense eyes, pronounced incisors, and long spindly fingers are what lead them to be feared as evil beings by other islander sophonts.


Geographic Origin & Distribution

Boggarts are found almost exclusively on Hiaal and its surrounding islands, in the Thalassaterrian archipelago.

Civilization & Culture

Major Language Groups & Dialects

The boggart clans speak a common tongue: shtaiam. It is a high-pitched language, heavily reliant on whistles, hissing, and shrill vocalizations.
Scientific Name
Paliogria sapiens
Average Height
1.5 meters
Average Weight
15 kilograms
Average Length
2.8 meters
Sapience type


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