Goblins are one of the three elven races of Eren. They are highly intelligent, curious beings and were the first endemic Sphaeran sophont to globalize. Goblins are considerably more adept on the ground than their elven cousins, though not quite as well adapted to subterranean life as the dwarves.

Basic Information


Goblins are quite humanoid, though like the other elven races there are a number of anatomical details that divulge their chiropteran ancestry. The goblins inhabit a unique place on the Chirosapiens evolutionary tree, representing a kind of transitional species directly derived from the middle phase of elf-to-dwarf evolution. Slightly shorter than the average man, goblins have the large eyes and pointed noses of elves, while possessing the oversized ears and sensory whiskers of dwarves (though their whiskers are less developed).

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Though they evolved in the foothills of Eren's Southern Range, goblins can be found worldwide.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Goblins do not have eyesight quite as strong as elves’, although it is not as poor as dwarven sight. They occasionally compensate for their nearsightedness with a rudimentary form of echolocation, another hallmark of their phylogenetic bracket.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The goblins of Eren typically speak various dialects of a common language, called Skreitung.



Millions of years ago, Eren's ancestral fruit bats were forced into a quadrupedal terrestrial lifestyle after an ice age wiped out the forests they called home. As a result, they grew larger and lost their wings in favor of ambulatory arms and useable forepaws. When the jungle returned, the ex-bats evolved a gibbon-like niche thanks to their long, powerful arms. Their intelligence increased as well, following a path similar to humans. However, the dawn of the second global cooling period forced the bat-gibbons out of the trees again, who resorted to bipedal locomotion. To survive in the returning grasslands, the proto-elves began to evolve sapience at last. During this period, some tribes ventured into the mountains of the Southern Range, becoming smaller and stockier (and regaining facial hair)- the origin of goblins. Soon after, a certain subset of goblins took a particular liking to the vast cave network under the mountains, leading to full-time subterranean lifestyle. The ancestral dwarves re-adapted echolocation and increased the volume and sensitivity of their facial hair in response to the permanent darkness of their earthen halls.
Scientific Name
Chirosapiens astutus
Average Height
1.4 meters
Average Weight
40 kilograms
Sapience type
Waystone Info
+2 CHA
+1 INT

Innate Traits

Creepin' Around
Your rather short, lanky goblinish physique allows you to be nimble and quiet. Your stealth skill is increased by 1.
Small Threat
Your small stature makes it kind of hard for people to take you seriously. Your intimidation skill is decreased by 1.


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