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An interpretation of the Wanderhome setting

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A world at peace, in the shadow of a great tragedy. In Hiraeth, finding the way forward means finding ourselves. We carry on. We start anew.
Years ago, the King of the Mountain fell, and since that time the people of the valley have known peace. But the shadow of the war still lingers across the land, from the peaks in the north to the southern shores. The North Wind calls from over the hills. Will you heed it?

What is Hiraeth?

Hiraeth is an adaptation of the Haeth - the world put forth in vague terms by the freeform tabletop game Wanderhome. Our friend group was introduced to this delightful game by Meg, who offered to show us how to play in the hopes that it would become an open-table pick-up game for all of us to play according to our availability. Those hopes came true. The world of Hiraeth grows every session, as is the nature of Wanderhome, and now you, dear World Anvil Reader, will be able to follow its development too!

Northward Bound

The story -or, rather, stories- told in and through the world of Hiraeth are the intertwining threads of fate belonging to a diverse and growing cast of player characters. By sheer coincidence, the majority of these characters seem to have their own reasons for making a pilgrimage to the peaks of the north, where the once-mighty Mountain King met his end at the hands of a righteous but bloody rebellion some years ago. Because of this common destination, the story so far bears the tentative title Northward Bound.

The Players

  • Meg as the Game Mom
  • Becca as Mazi
  • Chara as Reva
  • Lottie as Flower
  • Michael as Almond
  • Oil as Accumula
  • River as Moth
  • Sleepy as Skip the Fearless
  • Spyglass as Alder
  • Waffle as Barda, Odi

Suggested Music