Orranysis Galaxy

The galaxy which houses the Galactic Democratic Federation, officially named Orranysis, is an immense place roughly 200,000 lightcycles (~143,600 ly) in diameter. More information on the structure and formation of the galaxy itself can be found on the human database page for it. The galaxy is packed full of worlds, both inhabited and uninhabited, and the approximate location of each star system is plotted with a sophisticated three-dimensional cartographic coordinate system.


Galaxy Class
SBc (barred spiral)
~200,000 lc
Owning Organization
  Orranysis is a spiral galaxy, with its component mass arranged by gravity and angular momentum into an array of curving arms. There are four arms total: two major, and two minor. These are not without irregularities: a protrusion of mass outward from a main arm is called a spur, while a mass deficiency across the main arm is called a gap or chasm. The expanses of low stellar distribution density between arms are referred to as seas, while smaller regions of comparatively higher density inside the seas are called shallows. Scattered throughout the galaxy are regions of closely packed stars, called clusters, and broad stretches of dense gas and dust, called clouds.


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