Zak Kaiyo

Captain Zakane T'shano Kaiyo

Zak Kaiyo is the pilot of the RIV Free Spirit and the captain of a crew of freelance spacers. He is a Tokaya from the planet Terotewaukia.

Zak is a restless spirit, a veritable interstellar nomad. He's very mischievous and likes to get into trouble for the thrill of it, but can be relied on to get out of it as quickly as he gets into it… most of the time. His confidence, determination, and cheerful sarcasm make for an extremely charismatic, if reckless, leader. However, he has the capacity to be cold and ruthless towards those whom he perceives as a threat to either him or the people he cares for.

Physical Description

Body Features

As a Tokaya, Zak's skin is a vivid bluish-green.

Identifying Characteristics

Zak bears a number of scars from his century of galactic escapades, with three notable ones on his head: an off-center slash across the upper bridge of his nose, a set of three claw marks at the lefthand base of his jaw, and a ragged notch in his left ear.

Physical quirks

Zak is prone to foot-tapping when irritated or bored.

Apparel & Accessories

Zak tends to keep his style casual and comfortable when utility isn't absolutely necessary. His default outfit is a light, loose, short-sleeved shirt, cargo pants, and durable boots. He does possess a handful of signature accessories as well: his well-worn satchel, his necklace of teeth, claws, and amulets from across the galaxy, and his iconically garish and battered towel tied around his waist.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zak grew up in a smallish tree-village in the rainforests of South Nia'bene. He and his two best friends, Arcto and Tobaais, dreamed of seeing the stars. After passing their Trials, all three enlisted in the Terotewaukia Orbital Guard and moved to the island of Mika. However, discipline issues resulted in Zak dropping out of Guard training and went to study aerospace piloting at the local college. The trio worked as spacecraft mechanics for the duration of their studies, though for a short time they also formed a rock band and produced three albums under the name Fractal. Towards the end of college, Zak began to seriously look for a starship, eventually encountering a decrepit vehicle called the Hjimvurr at a secondhand spacecraft dealer. Enlisting the help of his friends, the three of them repaired the vessel and christened it the Free Spirit. However, Tobaais had obligations to fulfill on Terotewaukia, and couldn't join the other two on their quest for freedom. Thus, almost immediately after graduation in 47565, Zak and Arcto left their homeworld for the stars.


Zak Kaiyo is the pilot of the starship RIV Free Spirit and captain of a crew of freelance spacers that make their home aboard the ship. Prior to this, Zak was the frontman of a small-time hardcore electronic rock band called Fractal, in addition to his part-time employment at a local spacecraft mechanic workshop on Terotewaukia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Zak's talented -albeit reckless- piloting skills earned himself and his copilot Arcto a spot in the Spacecraft Pilots Association Hall of Fame, having broken the record for the largest ship by mass to exceed 10 million times the speed of light with a hyperdrive. His stuntwork is also renowned, and he frequently attends the cycular Galactic Pilot Convention.

Mental Trauma

Zak acts fearless, but he is afraid of getting tied down to any one place or person. He avoids romantic relationships because he saw how that type of relationship affected his former best friend Tobias back on their homeworld. Torque got engaged, which effectively nullified his involvement in the life plans he, Zak, and Arcto had made together. Zak views romance and even attachment to his biological family as a threat to his freedom, which is the thing he values most. However, he considers his friends/crewmates to be his true family and is loyal to a fault for them.

Zak is also an adrenaline junkie; he is addicted to excitement and often struggles visibly when the crew has a long period in between jobs, pacing, fidgeting, and becoming irritable. Zak performs best when he's in a dangerous situation, especially when piloting something.



crewmate (Important)

Towards Zak Kaiyo



Zak Kaiyo

crewmate (Important)

Towards RADE



Nicknames & Petnames

Zak occasionally refers to Rade as the "Cyberprick."

Chaotic Neutral/Good
Year of Birth
47459 (236 years old)
Eoya Kaull, Terotewaukia
Current Residence
RIV Free Spirit
Biological Sex
Radium-green irises with black vertical oblong pupils
Jet-black, touseled mane
1.8 caudons
72.5 kg
Known Languages
Zak's native tongue is the Tokaya language Yori-tua. He is fluent in Liayaic (another Tokaya tongue), Galactic Standard, and Standard Autonic. He also speaks Wirrrimwol, though not fluently, and knows enough Zorsk to get by in Zark-controlled space.


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