RIV Free Spirit

The RIV Free Spirit (officially named the Aum Hara, in Yori-tua) is a refitted and repurposed Garcax-class light interplanetary transport, manufactured in 47600 AGU by the New Harn division of Jascel Assembly Company. Originally christened the Hjimvurr, it was a member of the interplanetary fleet of Svulgiimn Shipping Solutions, Ltd. for 30 cycles, serving 15 different star systems, until its decommissioning following the dissolution of SSS. After being decommissioned, it was sold into the secondhand spacecraft market and passed around several sectors before settling at a secondhand vessel dealer on Terotewaukia.   After languishing in a bargain shipyard for three cycles, it was obtained by a freshly graduated Zak Kaiyo and his two friends Arcto Ekkrotus and Tobaais Waiaro, who gave the vessel a much-needed makeover. Damaged parts were replaced, light weapons were added, and the interior underwent fairly serious restructuring as well. The small shuttle and shuttle bay at the aft of the lower deck, a standard feature of Garcax-class vessels, were completely removed to double the size of the engine room; a necessary sacrifice to be able to fit a second fusion reactor, an amped-up MARC, extra fuel and air tanks, and significant additional hyperdrive infrastructure.   With much tribulation, the Hjimvurr was registered as an interstellar-rated vessel and rechristened to the Free Spirit, a name symbolizing its new captain’s desire to live a spacefaring existence free from the binds of planetside life.


RIV Free Spirit.png

Power Generation

Sublight + Main Systems

2 Hacon-4427 monoprotope hyperfusion stellarators (diplasma output)

Hyperdrive + Auxiliary

Modified Yuek-Zhedd model MARC/warpcore combine



3 Avryne 105-V80 dual-efficiency boosters (chemical/ion)


Elypsis 325-series Class IX warp drive (modified)

Vector Control

Vigal G55 pseudogravity directional system

Weapons & Armament

Standard built-in forward plasma launchers

Paktaj 5-terawatt laser turret (retrofitted)

Armor and defense

Rotumn 500-series compound defensive cloak

Additional & auxiliary systems

Core Computation Unit

RQC 4500-series Integrated Vessel Heuristic Analysis Network Intelligence (IVHANI) class 3v ACI

Artificial Gravity System

Vigal iG40 integrated interior pseudogravity system
Vessel ID
Vessel ID Type
Inditix Perasteri Mekavitor
Vessel Name
RIV Free Spirit
Vessel Class
Garcax light interplanetary transport (refitted)
Jascel Assembly Co. (New Harn division)
Manufacture Date
47600 AGU
Registered to
Zakane Kaiyo
Cycles in Service (new ownership)
Vessel Purpose
freelancing/mobile living station
Max Sub-c: 0.3c

Max Super-c: 9000000c

Complement / Crew

Personnel Manifest

  • Captain: Zakane Kaiyo
  • Pilot: Zakane Kaiyo
  • Copilot: Arcto Ekkrotus
  • Navigation: RADE-46
  • Engineer: Fark Zyxlbrac
  • Medic: Icaron Voluqorvas
  • Quartermaster: Itho Tqr'skila
  • Weapons Tech: Quitchimullinus Globac
  • CSO: Nedorus Quolasch


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B.K. Bass
8 Dec, 2018 21:58

I love that you included a cross-section! Hope we get to see more!

8 Dec, 2018 22:13

I'm glad you like the diagram! You'll definitely see more of the Free Spirit, as it's the primary setting of the story project I've been putting together on-and-off for the past six years and counting. ;)

B.K. Bass
9 Dec, 2018 00:05

Sounds good! I'll look forward to seeing more!