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Kesiah Vanmir


At A Glance

Luke   Campaign
The Open Door   Status
Living / Active   Current Location
The Heron
4   Race
Traditional Goliath   Class
Fighter   Subclass
Echo Knight
Far Traveler   Feats
Crusher   Favored Attack

16 38 16
A set of Chainmail Armor; a Warhammer, a Maul, and 2 Hand Axes; a set of Common Clothes; a Explorer's Pack, and Mason's Tools; and a Light Sack of Holding
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4 Level (0/6500 XP for level-up) Far Traveler Background Goliath Race / Species / Heritage Neutral Alignment
Level 4
Hit Dice: 4/4
1d10+3 Class 1

Hit Points
Initiative (DEX)
Armor Class (AC)
Prof. Bonus
Speed (walk/run/fly)
1 / 1
Action Surge
+4 Expertise Bonus
+2 Proficiency Bonus
+5 Strength
+0 Dexterity
+5 Constitution
-1 Intelligence
+1 Wisdom
+0 Charisma
saving throws
+0 Acrobatics DEX
+1 Animal Handling WIS
-1 Arcana INT
+5 Athletics STR
+0 Deception CHA
-1 History INT
+3 Insight WIS
+2 Intimidation CHA
-1 Investigation INT
+1 Medicine WIS
-1 Nature INT
+3 Perception WIS
+0 Performance CHA
+0 Persuasion CHA
-1 Religion INT
+0 Sleight of Hand DEX
+0 Stealth DEX
+3 Survival WIS
  Weapon / Attack AB Abi Dmg Dmg Type
Maul (Double) +5 STR 2d6+3 Bludgeoning
 Heavy, Two-Handed
Handaxe +5 STR 1d6+3 Slashing
 Light, Thrown (range 20/60)
Warhammer (Single) +5 STR 1d8+3 Bludgeoning
Warhammer (Double) +5 STR 1d10+3 Bludgeoning

Equipment Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Electrum: 0, Gold: 0, Platinum: 0 Money
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Overcommon (R), Goliath (R), Tavi (H), Undercommon (B)

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics (R), Insight (B), Perception (B), Intimidation (C), Survival (C)

Tool Proficiencies: Mason's Tools (B)

Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor (C), Medium Armor (C), Heavy Armor (C), Shields (C)

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Weapons (C), Martial Weapons (C)

Languages & Proficiencies

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Traits & Personality

  Kind of quiet; doesn't like using brute violence, but will if necessary or pushed to do so; slightly dark and sarcastic humor.  


  Once they found out his mother was Pregnant, his parents left their Herd and moved away. When Kesiah asked about it as a child, they claimed it was "because it was too harsh an environment and they didn't want to raise their child that way"- though as an "adult", now, he suspects that's not the true (or at least full) reason, however. Regardless, eventually they settled in the Vetian settlement of Cubra, located on the edge of the Kunik Wild Magic Zone in the Niesen Mountains of eastern Martova.   His parents tried their best to assimilate into the Human culture around them as much as possible, and raised him largely according to the Vetian culture and its ideals- though they did retain some elements of Goliath faith, which they passed onto him (including giving him a traditional Goliath spirital name: Maika). Unfortunately, being Goliath, he grew faster and larger than the other children of the village. And, kids being kids, eventually the other children started desiring to prove themselves and began picking fights among one another- often singling him out since he was the largest among them. This worsened once his Echo Twin began to manifest. He became decent at fighting as a result, though only begrudgingly so.   He spent his "childhood" and "teen" years apprenticing as a Mason among the Tavi, sinc ehis large size allowed him to more easily move stone and other supplies. Eventually, however, when he was about 22 years old, a village member he grew up with kept pushing his limits until Kesiah finally had enough at put him in his place- severely injuring him as a result. It was at that point that he decided it was likely past time he moved on from the small village; despite understanding that he was actually far too young by Goliath standards- not yet even having reached his true culture's age of majority- his parents said their understanding goodbyes and wished him well wherever his feet took him.   For a while he worked as a Caravan Guard as part of the Eastern company of the Storm Crow mercenary group, escorting groups through the treacherous passes of the Niesen Mountains. Now he looks mostly to find a place where he belongs; understanding that his parents left Goliath culture behind for whatever reason, he has no real desire to return to his own people- but he would like to carve out his own place in the world (or at least find a place he feels truly comfortable).
Giant; Ovarketh   Biological Sex
Male   Age
24 years   Born
Cubra, Niesen Mountains; Martova
9 ft / 274 cm   Weight
495 lbs / 225 kg   Hair
Light grey-silver   Eyes
Deep, dark blue   Skin
Light taupey grey
Treasured Item: A crude picture he drew of his "Imaginary Friend" as a child.   Trinket: An animated map of an unknown city that appears to be tracking the movement of 5 mysterious creatures.


Click the boxes below to display the list of individuals for each category.
  • Ziska of Vamnir Clan
  • Unnar of Vamnir Clan
  • None; Only Child
Major Associates
  • Capt. Neván Fírth nic Anwel
  • Lt. Losagi Martilla
  • Vulmar Kiirden
Minor Associates
  • Padran Raya
  • Savedra Lameen

Secrets & Rumors

I saw him face down three bandits on his own, no help from any of us; we couldn't even get anywhere near him before he'd downed them all, anyways!
Olva Jan, fellow member of the Eastern Storm Crows
Neutral ...
That Giant ... He's possessed by the Shadowfell - that dark Spirit always following him and mirroring him like that. The Priests should exorcize him, not let him walk around free!
— A zealous Tavian from Kesiah's home village


  Kesiah has slight fear of snakes; while he won't run from them he does find them both incredibly disgusting, and visually and mentally disturbing.


  Kesiah has no idea what it is that ultimately caused his Echo Spirit to manifest, but it may have something to do with growing up on the edge of a Wild Magic Zone as a child.

Cover image: Reaching Hand by Min An


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