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Cormac's Legendary Bestiary

The First Bestiary of Legendary & Mythical Creatures

Published in 6438 by Eddard Cormac, a little known Castrillian Biologist, Cormac's Legendary Bestiary contains entries on a wide variety of creatures that he encountered during his travels around the world. Many of them are creatures classified by Eddard as "Legendary" (hence the book's title)- a classification that included some of the world's largest, and frequently most dangerous, creatures inhabiting the land, sea, and sky. The book also includes entries for hybrids, and dragons.   The first bestiary of its kind, Eddard managed to produce an original work that brought a new perspective to the subject of mythic and legendary creatures. The existence of his book, however, is not widely known and copies are difficult to find. There is also significant debate as to its accuracty- though such debate largely occurs between non-Biologists who have never encountered the creatures Eddard spent his life studying in the field.   Written in the Common Tongue, Eddard's goal was to make the book as easily understood as possible, by the largest number of people. For that reason, entries are also kept short with a focus on basics- as well as a few tips on how to deal with encounters should one wind up in the presence of (or even attacked by) one. It is by no means a small book, however, and contains over 700 pages in total, all beautifully illustrated on linen paper and bound in thick hide.
Large Book   Make
Traditional Bookbinding
Eddard Cormac   Author Date
4 Jenethi 6438   Rarity
Very Rare

Cover image: Manuscript by Sam Moqadam
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Creatures appearing in the Bestiary TOC include Subnautica 5E conversions, Pokémon 5E conversions, Witcher 5E conversions, Amellwind's Monster Hunter World 5E conversions, various Homebrew creatures from miscellaneous sources, and standard DnD 5E creatures released by Wizards of the Coast. Appropriate credits for each creature will be given on their individual articles whenever creatures are uploaded to World Anvil.
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Dec 10, 2020 19:17 by R. Dylon Elder

So for starters, I'm so sorry it took so long to get to these. Lol secondly I love this idea, and wanna use this for my own worlds! Correct me if I'm wrong but that toc in the spoiler seems almost like a hub page using links to other articles. I LOVE IT. It's so clever and immersive. Granted the world isn't for the reader, but it certainly adds to the reading expirience. Well done as always!

Dec 10, 2020 23:10 by Anna Katherina

The toc in the spoiler is actually the document button, since this is the Document template :D The button only appears on the page if you have the document filled out.   To access it {i]from the back end on the document template, scroll to the bottom of the main content area and then click on the giant "Show Template Specific Prompts and Connections" button. There's an input section on the "Actual Contents" tab. Anything you put in there is considered the "actual contents" of the document itself, and will make the button appear on the page so that, when you click it, you can "read the document"!   Yes, though! I've chosen to use it as an article hub / link aggregator <3 I like to actually set up the books themselves for my players so that I can hand them the link to the major books they find, and they can actually "read" them. Plus it allows them to access things more quickly if they remember the name of the book but not the creature.   The goal with this iteration of Saleh'Alire was to make things accessible from as many natural / realistic places as possible, to cut down on the time it took them to find info, since that was their main complaint in the last iteration of the world!   You might like the Diary of the First Chisisi Expedition, if you'd like to check out another document template use :D

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Dec 10, 2020 23:39 by R. Dylon Elder

Ooooooo I didn't know that was there... good lord. Lol thanks for sharing. I love the idea and it was implemented very well!

Dec 11, 2020 02:00 by Anna Katherina

Of course! Glad I could help <3

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