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Bandy's Belt Pouch

Created by the Druid Banwindalwa Grenlaera in 5235 as a means of carrying and preserving more Herbs and other natural materials while she was out and about on her missions, Band'ys famous Belt Pouch (as its now commonly become known across Saleh'Alire) has since become the penultimate staple piece of adventuring gear for Druids, Herbalists, Clerics, Botanists, and all manner of other ecologically minded individuals over the centuries.   After Bandy's eventual death in 5346, however, few people continued to manufacture the Pouches. When the Arcanist's Guild was established in Tolara nearly a full century later in 6156, though, they worked together with their fellow Explorer's Guild to track down surviving examples. Over time they were able to study and eventually deconstruct the magical and mundane techniques of their production- eventually entering into an agreement with the Explorer's Guild for their permanent cuntinued manufactured of an improved version now common across the world once again.  
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Custom Homebrew

Bandy's Belt Pouch

Wondrous Item


This Bandolier has been designed to fit comfortably around the wearer's waist and contains three small pouches. Each pouch has been enhanced with an extradimensional space similar to a Handy Haversack, Bag of Holding, or Light Sack of Holding, allowing the owner to carry additional items without the bandolier taking up more room or weighing any more than usual.  
. Weight Dimension .
. 20 lbs 2 Cubic Ft .
  Removing an item from the bandolier requires a full action; if the bandolier is turned upside down the contents spill out unharmed; perishable materials last up to 1 week inside the bandolier and do not degrade or spoil during that time- but a breathing creature inside the bandolier can only survive for up to 10 minutes, after which time they begin to suffocate; placing another extradimensional storage item inside the bandolier instantly destroys both items but does not open a gate to another Plane.

Cost: 5 sp
Weight: 2lb

Magical   Rarity
Common   Manufacturer
Arcanist's Guild
2 lbs   Dimensions
Fits to wearer   Base Price
5 SP

Cover image: Leather Bag by Dan Meyers


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