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The New World

I don't remember much of the voyage from Bán Ródh. The weather during much of it was abysmal- all keening wind and thunder- once the warm Eimhiran waters gave way to the colder embrace of northern tides... And as I woefully learned early on in our adventure, ocean travel makes me terribly seasick; I admit it was a relief when the án Ghail finally left the great rolling ocean behind, and made it safely into port at Saethar'Kori.
— From the journal of Finnán Catanach, Artisan; 6348

Widely considered The New world, Tolara was first discovered in 5710 when a ship named The Golden Duchess shipwrecked in the region now known as Gwyn Tira'Kie on its western coast. After the survivors repaired the ship, it limped back to its home port of Bán Ródh in Castrillis to tell the world of its discovery. What followed was an influx of settlers- mostly Merchants and Explorers- looking for new life, new adventure, and (perhaps most importantly) the opportunity for more than a little gold.   As a continent, Tolara stretches across multiple regions and ecosystems- from Polar in the North, Plains and Deserts near the equator, all the way through to Tropical Jungles in the South; it has 4 active volcanoes across multiple mountain ranges, and is home to a massive amount of unique plants and animals that are found only on this continent.   Winds in Tolara are usually gentle, with large storms and extreme weather being infrequent; the seas to the North and West are treacherous and usually difficult to traverse, however- while the seas to the South and East are calm (save for the south east).


widest point
5,655 miles; basic hiker aprx. ~230 days to travel by foot at avg pace for 8h / day.   longest point
6,989; basic hiker aprx. ~300 days to travel by foot at avg pace for 8h / day

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Cover image: Cartography by Fleur


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