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Rei Anhur

Situated in western Tolara, Rei Anhur covers both a portion of , as well as an area of Talaina'Vao situated just below it. Additionally, it refers to the both the mountains, as well as the forested area surrounding them.   Eruptions of the Sikha-Im Volcano located within the Rei Anhur range over the centuries has led to the region maintaining soil with high acidity. This is further supplemented by salt blown in from the harsh western winds that come off the Kovai'mir Ocean. The effect is less severe, here, however, since the forest's close proximity to the ocean and high altitude results in plenty of rainfall and cooler temperatures- especially when compared to the bordering Rasha-Ui and Chisisi Desert. Higher rainfall and lower temperatures also results in dense fog in the area. This most typically occurs in the early morning and late evening, and persists throughout the night- lending a slightly eerie vibe to the already cloud engulfed volcano; the overall result in the region is a strange pocket of semi-tropical environment that is out of place against the backdrop of Plains, Desert, and Shrubland which surrounds it.   This results in a landscape of tall flowering trees such as Khosa Dogwood, Magnolia, and Camelia. Meanwhile flowering bushes such as Heather, Bottlebrush, and Candelabra Bush make up the majority of the understory- while plants like Daphne provide cover, and Bleeding Heart vines wind their way around tree trunks.  
Major Landmarks
  • Sikha-Im Volcano
Located In
Southern Gwyn Tira'Kie and
Northeastern Talaina'Vao, Tolara   Landmark Type
Forested Subtropical Mountain Range


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