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Diodimaya Nethesi

Call me 'Darra', Please

At A Glance

Anna Katherina   Campaign
The Open Door   Status
Living / Active   Current Location
The Heron
4   Race
Lineage Changeling   Class
Cleric 1 / Druid 3   Subclass
Peace / Circle of the Land (Grasslands)
Secret Identity   Feats
Chef   Favored Attack
Sickle / Quarterstaff   Current Appearance
Eladrin Female

14 25 14
A small Hand Sickle, and a Quarterstaff with a large Bell on the end; a set of Scale Mail Armor; a set of Common Clothes, a set of Priest's Vestaments, and a set of Druidic Garments; Bandy's Belt Pouch; a Priest's Pack, a Disguise Kit, a Forgery Kit, and a Chef's Kit; a Holy Symbol and a Druidic Focus
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4 Level (0/6500 XP for level-up) Secret Identity Background Lineage Changeling Race / Species / Heritage Neutral Alignment
Level 1
Hit Dice: 1/1
1d8+1 Class 1
Level 3
Hit Dice: 3/3
1d8+1 Class 2

Hit Points
Initiative (DEX)
Armor Class (AC)
Prof. Bonus
Speed (walk/run/fly)
1 / 1
Channel Divinity
2 / 2
Spellcasting ...
+4 Attack mod
WIS Ability
+2 Abi Mod
12 Save DC
+4 Expertise Bonus
+2 Proficiency Bonus
+0 Strength
+0 Dexterity
+1 Constitution
+2 Intelligence
+4 Wisdom
+3 Charisma
saving throws
+0 Acrobatics DEX
+2 Animal Handling WIS
+2 Arcana INT
+0 Athletics STR
+3 Deception CHA
+2 History INT
+4 Insight WIS
+1 Intimidation CHA
+2 Investigation INT
+4 Medicine WIS
+2 Nature INT
+2 Perception WIS
+3 Performance CHA
+3 Persuasion CHA
+2 Religion INT
+0 Sleight of Hand DEX
+2 Stealth DEX
+2 Survival WIS
  Weapon / Attack AB Abi Dmg Dmg Type
Hand Sickle +2 STR 1d4 Slashing
Quarterstaff (Single) +2 STR 1d6 Bludgeoning
Quarterstaff (Two) +2 STR 1d8 Bludgeoning

Spell Book

Equipment Copper: 0, Silver: 0, Electrum: 0, Gold: 0, Platinum: 0 Money
Preparing Spells
You prepare the list of spells to cast, and can change these spells whenever you finish a long rest by spending time in prayer and meditation (consisting of Sitting in silence for roughly 20 minutes, with a penchant for screaming "SHUT UP!" at anyone who makes noise). When you do, choose a number of spells equal to your Wisdom modifier + your level (8) for which you have spell slots available, from either the Cleric or Druid spell list.

Spellcasting Ability
Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for your spells. Use your Wisdom modifier when setting saving throw DCs for spells you cast, and when making attack rolls with one.

Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier (12)
Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier (4)

Cleric (3): Thaumaturgy, Spare the Dying, Resistance
Druid (2+1): Shillelagh, Mending, Druidcraft

Peace Domain Spells (Permanent Prep)
1st Level: Heroism, Sanctuary

Land Circle (Grassland) Spells (Permanent Prep)
3rd Level: Invisibility, Pass Without Trace
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Overcommon (R), Fae (R), Eladrin (H), Druidic (C2), +1 (B)

Skill Proficiencies: Performance (R), Persuasion (R), Deception (B), Stealth (B), History (C), Medicine (C), Insight (SC)

Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit (B), Forgery Kit (B), Cook's Utensils (F)

Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor (C), Medium Armor (C), Shields (C)

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Weapons (C)

Wildshape Forms: Cat, Fox, Boar, Velociraptor, Cow, Giant Lizard (Non-Swimming Variant) ... Their pelt / hide is always rich hues so bright that they hurt the eyes- and when they switch back to their normal form, at least one part of their body always retains some aspects fo the shape for a short while.

Languages & Proficiencies
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  Being a Nara'Vue, Darra is currently masquerading as an In'alan Elf- though something always feels slightly “off” about their Elven appearance to strangers (they can never quite put their finger on what, however). Their long pink, purple, and gold streaked hair (which they tend to keep braided and coiled about their head), and usual iridescent blue-green eye color, likely doesn't help anything; even for In'alan, these are slightly strange.   Clothing wise, they always dresses in layers so that it's hard to make out the true shape and height of their body at first glance. This is accented by tons of distinctive jewelry- such as numerous set of bracelets, and many pairs of earrings, plus gems stuck to their forehead and cheekbones as accents. They also has a set of animalic tattoos on its shoulders that sometimes seem to move on their own accord if you stare at them long enough; the tattoos are always present regardless of what form Darra takes.  

Traits & Personality

  Darra values fairness, generosity, dependability, and their own freedom above all else. They have an outgoing and friendly personality, with a bit of a cheeky streak- sometimes a bit far too much so, causing them enemies; on the other hand, they also have a tendency to hold childish grudges, and have difficulty forgiving others for wrongs that are done to them (whether real or imagined).   They have a habit of using flowery or slightly poetic speech, but due to their lack of significant education frequently use the wrong words. And when scared, upset, or flustered they develop a stutter which betrays their more lower class upbringing. They can also be disturbingly quiet when not engaged with others, and often stares blankly off into the distance (or at walls) as if lost in their own thoughts or world. Where they truly shine, however, is during the rare opportunity they get to dance.   They're never quite satisfied with what they have, however, and are always searching for more in the world. And while they enjoy the sights, sounds, and adventures that civilization has to offer, they still find themself much happier outside of civilization, and very relieved once they're finally out again; they are filled with a constant sense of wanderlust that keeps them moving and unable to settle down in one place for too long.  


  Darra has no actual idea how old they are, or where they were actually born. They only know that they were born in the back of a refugee caravan, Darra's mother Dafina died in childbirth with her. They were raised by their father Arganedes until they, too, died of Wasting Sickness. And so Darra and their older Sister Aelara grew up together as orphans in the refugee camp, which eventually set its home in the Plains wilderness.   Growing up in the encampment was difficult for them. Hunger was their constant companion, and they often had sleep in the wild. Still, the two sisters remained very close during their youth together. But others around the encampment, however, saw them as being too different or strange. They were bullied often as children, and so neither of them had many friends growing up. As a result, Darra in particular took an interest in the rolling plains surrounding them; they spent much of their youth exploring the vast reaches of the environment, and becoming familiar with its native flora and fauna- eventually also becoming adept at both gardening and herbcraft as a natural result.
Fae; Nara'Vue   Biological Sex
Female   Age
.   Born
5 ft 6 in / 168 cm   Weight
120 lbs / 54.4 kg   Hair
Pink, Purple, and Gold   Eyes
Iridescent Blue-Green   Skin
Red-Gold Tan with an iridescent sheen in the right lighting
Treasured Item: A single broken hoop earring made from a smooth, porous red colored stone.   Trinket: A small, roughly beaten bowl made of Bronze and engraved with various images of animals.
Unfortunately during a holiday celebration, the encampment was attacked by Ankhegs and most of the refugees were slaughtered- including Darra's own sister. Darra themself only narrowly escaped their own certain death by hiding in the roots of a gnarled old Oak tree during the attack. What they experienced in the hollow of the tree completely changed them; they thoroughly believe that it was only through the divine intervention of Melikki that they were saved.   Filled with an extreme sence of peacefulness and hopefulness in the moment, even in the face of such destitution and destruction, Darra dedicated themself to the Goddess, and to Peace. And with their family entirely gone, then, and the encampment now in near complete shambles ... They decided to rebuild their life elsewhere for good- taking their knowledge of herbcraft and deciding to try their hand at becoming a traveling Tea Merchant instead; their hope is to spread Melikki's message of peace among the people- with the additional desire to one day find a nice town to call home for themself, settle down, and open their own Tea Shop.  


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  • Dafina Nethesi
  • Arganedes Nethesi
  • Aelara Nethesi
Major Associates
Guiding Aspect: Meditating under the Burr Oak tree- the type of tree beneath which they sheltered during the attack on their childhood encampment- fills their body and mind with resolve and fortitude.

Secrets & Rumors

Ma cousin drank on'a teir Teas an i'cured teir Cabber Gab! Righ' cure i'is, ta' un
Mastosa Patron
Neutral ...
I heard their tea is grown on dead bodies. You couldn't pay me to drink the stuff after that! Necromancy ain't right, as it is- and neither's selling anything that came from it. Especially anything edible- and to unsuspecting patrons!
Snotty Human Patron


  Darra is terrified of Spirits and will actively go to great lengths to avoid them- even if the Spirit is kind or the place they're trying to stay to avoid them is far more dangerous.


  Darra often feels as if the world is nothing but a plaything for the grand Divine, and has come to resent Mielikki's seemingly constant remoteness from the world.

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