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Deamod e'Lufaren

High Priest of Farenthal and founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces

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A person without a temple is clearly without spiritual home... And where there is no temple, there can be no homes. As we break ground it is my hope that, when this marvelous Temple is complete, it will help us to build those homes that we both desperately crave, and so dearly need in this new world
Deamod e'Lufaren, Founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces;
Tolara, 30 Fenet 5730

Honorary & Occupational Titles
- Former High Priest of Farenthal
- Founder of the Temple of a Thousand Faces
Born in Olienn like many settlers, as an individual, Deamod e'Lufaren was well known among the religious for his immense care for both the spiritual and physical well being of his congregations.
  Early on in his life, well before his joining of the Priesthood back in Olienn, he took a personal vow of Celibacy and Poverty in order to better help others. He held true to those vows throughout the entirety of his life- never breaking his convictions once insofar as anyone has ever known or been able to prove; such was the strength of his conviction, in fact, that he often publicly credited these vows for helping him through some of the toughest and most emotionally and spiritually demanding times in his life.   Part of the third wave of new settlers to arrive on the continent of Tolara in 5728 after the wreck of The Golden Duchess, two years later in 5730, he- along with Aaina Viswan- broke ground on the building that would later become known as the Temple of a Thousand Faces. This Temple would become the first Tolaran wonder, as well as the centerpoint of faith on the continent, and (eventually) headquarters of the Priest's Guild after the Ferenian Migration and the events that spawned it.   Under his 80 years of leadership, the completed Temple and its Priesthood was instrumental in helping to establish the safety, security, and general health of the early Tolaran colonies- taking the personal convictions and actions of Imalda e'Yisonn to heart, and transforming it into the foundational principles on which the Temple opperated.
E'inara (Solar Elf)   Life
5385 - 5861(Died 476 years old)   Birthplace
Ava'ya Province, Olienn   Perceived Sex
Amber   Hair
Long; Pale Blonde / White   Skin Tone
Light Golden   Height
6 ft 5 in / 196 cm   Weight
170 lbs / 77 kilos

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