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Aetheldreda Parindi e'ta Za'vaed

At A Glance

battagliadimosche   Campaign
Into the Wilds   Status
Living / Active   Current Location
Somewhere in the Ajda-Donesh Basin;
Talaina'Vao, Tolara
5   Race
Caenala'Vi   Class
Ranger   Subclass
Gloomstalker Conclave
Skulker   Favored Attack
Longbow   Favored Armor
13 31 14


  She wears an black ensemble of clothing, with a large cloak enveloping the whole body so that no armour is visible initially. She has her hood up and over her face so that only her mouth is visible, unless she is wearing her mask- in which case she has it hanging loosely from the middle of the head, and her hairline is showing; she does not want people to immediately recognise her race, or any distinguishing features (especially of her face).  


  Aethel was born in Zebeylin e't Charith, seat of the Imperial House of Za'vaed, in Di'kae Milona. Growing up she had a good (albeit strained) relationship with her mother, and got on amazingly with her three brothers; they always got into trouble together growing up, and she trained with them as a kid, which is why she is so adept at fighting.   She became a member of the Royal Family’s secret service, The Dawn, at a young age; the organization typically did not allow Nobility to join, but as she was a bastard and her lineage was unofficially recognized, she was allowed on conditions. It was wihin The Dawn that she met and entered a relationship with one of the other agents, Nadstran.   While on a mission to scope out an enemy kingdom one day, however, their plans were somehow revealed to the enemy King- causing a great deal of diplomatic unrest within the two kingdoms. Upon returning home, Aethel was arrested as both culprit and traitor and charged with treason; she was the only one to know of the plans, and who also had the opportunity. This was aided with the testimony of her former lover, who had in actual fact actually been the one to reveal the plans to the enemy after asking her about them in bed one night.   While imprisoned, she vowed to become an agent for good if Eilistraee helped her escape- at which moment her old teacher appeared to break her out. He gave her a mask and cloak to help her disguise herself, as well as a few weapons; after a few very close calls, her former mentor eventually managed to safely smuggle her out of the country.   Currently she is still being pursued by her former colleagues, and has travelled across the whole continent to avoid detection- eventually winding up in the southernmost Talaina'Vao region of Tolara; she is still in limited contact with a select few supporters who know she did not reveal the plans, who keep her informed of the movements of her pursuers. She hopes to wear them out to the point where they stop actively tracking her.  
Treasured Item: A silvery mask that looks like it’s liquid as it moves constantly. Its features are neutral and expressions are a little plastic.   Trinket: Two False Fingernails with mysterious symbols on them.
Elf: Caenala'Vi   Biological Sex
Female   Age
190 years   Born
Zebeylin e't Charith
Di'kae Milona, Tolara   Birthday
14 Dariven 6251
6 ft 1 in   Weight
133 lbs / 60 kg   Hair
Black   Eyes
Bright magenta   Skin
Black; purple undertone


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Family Members
  • Letithira Parindi e'ta Za'vaed
  • Undisclosed Affair, Biological
  • Jevan Veldrin, e'ta Abaer Adopted
  • Carteth Veldrin e'ta Za'vaed
  • Rosanelor Veldrin e'ta Za'vaed
  • Lamealdris Veldrin e'ta Za'vaed
  • Savelae Parindi e'ta Za'vaed
  • Nhiliara Parindi e'ta Za'vaed, Aunt
Major Associates
  • Nadstran Vonmeath e’ta Elerryn
  • Spirryn Talthara e’ta Kealas

Minor Associates
  • Matron Taless e'ta Av’yani
  • Trader Bryn Afa'ma


Secrets & Rumors

T'her were a ghost lady ha cam up'n us 'n lift the wag'n well of'fa Hrimmr so'n he cud move. T'hn say th'n who'n saved by 'r ow 'r e'ryth'n.
— A Villager Aethel once helped, who's convinced she's
an incarnation of the local Pale Walker legend
Aye, we saw that Pale knife-ear. She came through here, then two'n a day later that great beast attacked. If you ask me, she's ain't an ounce of good luck. I'd turn her out, if'n I were you.
— A resident of Lodhi when questioned if he'd seen Aethel
She's a traitor to her people- and her own family, too, no less; probably just jealous she's not the Empress herself. But no good Royal would sleep with the enemy and give away state secrets ... I hope The Dawn finds her and hangs her like they good well should anyone who betrays the Empress!
— A fellow Milonan


  Her real name is Eclavreana (meaning Center of Chaos), and this is how she's known in her home country. She hates this name, however, and hasn't actually used it since she was a child. Since leaving Di'kae Milona she has also stopped using her former nickname / agent name Sollyn (meaning nimble assassin) in favour of Aetheldreda, which sounds "less Drow" to her.


  Her mother never told her who her real father is, but she found out through her spywork that he is a noble who was exiled for treason before they could marry. She doesn't know his actual name as it was erased from the records by someone- but she did find out that it wasn't a one time affair, but actually a multi-year long romance. Her mother does not know that she's aware.

Rogue Tells

  She wears a thin Chain Choker around her neck (Assassination). Additionally she wears a thin silver ring with a diamond star on the 4th Finger of her right hand (Reconnaissance).

Cover image: Reaching Hand by Min An
Character Portrait image: Aethel by Cami Juel
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