Saleh'alire Aetheldreda Parindi Timeline

Aetheldreda Parindi

  • 6428 Unknown
    Proto-Dawn is founded

    Varnar e't Heloril founds the prototypal Dawn of the Fallen Star in 6428.

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  • 22 Fenet 6441
    A New Encounter
    Gathering / Conference

    After dealing with the Dwarven Clans, the party meets up with Kod, Gi, plus Neveah and her family, and sets out for the major city of Rothshield   (New Player Introduction) While setting up camp for the night at the Wildroad, however, the party is "ambushed" by a cloud of darkness and a figure of light. After it vanishes just as suddenly, Shael discovers a woman named Aethel hidden away on top of the party's wagon. After some convincing, they allow her to join them, promising to separate at Rothshield.