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Echo Mau

High Society Mischief

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      Echo Maus are a species of small carnivorous magico-mammal; a domesticated, though magically produced, crossbreed of sorts between the Displacer Beast and the regular domesticated House Cat. It is unknown when they were first introduced, but the best scholars theorize they originate (like most hybrid and psuedo-hybrid creatures), with the Sa'Avi from before the time of the Cataclysm.

Anatomy & Appearance

  The Echo Mau is similar in similar in size, shape, and anatomy to the domestic House Cat; it shares its distinctive coat, flexible body style and shape, long tail, and retractable claws. It distinctly lacks the tentacles of the Displacer Beast half, however- though not its extra set of legs. Additionally, it has a third eye in the center of its forehead. They are likewise slightly larger and heavier, and live slightly longer, than the average House Cat.   The average lifespan for an Echo Mau ranges between 15 and 25 years. Size wise, they average approximately 2 to 3.5 feet (or 61 to 107 cm) in height, and 2 to 3 feet (61 to 92 cm) in length without the inclusion of their tail length, as they have longer tails than House Cats. And because of their increased size, they can weight between 11 and 22 lbs (5 to 10 kg)- often greater.  

Special Abilities

  Like House Cats, Echo Maus have significantly increased vision, sight, and smell- including well developed Night Vision. In addition to this, they also possess Dark Vision from their magical origin in Displacer Beasts, though it is slightly limited to a range of 15 feet. They are also crepuscular, being most active at the hours of Dawn and Dusk.   Similarly to Displacer Beasts, they can bend light using their 3rd eye, in a way that makes it appear as if they are between 1 and 3 feet (30 to 92 cm) away from their current location. Since this ability is reliant on sight from their third eye, however, it is limited to spaces they can immediately see. Unlike Displacer Beasts, however, they are also capable of "Blinking", or teleporting, the short distance to their projected location.  


  In owing to their suspected origins among the Sa'Avi, Echo Maus have remained a staple pet in most high society households throughout Saleh'Alire. It is a common trend to give them as a betrothal gift in arranged political marriages, especially, as a sort of light-hearted joke that one hopes the couple will grow fond of one another and at least develop a playful relationship. This is owed in large part to the Echo Mau's own incredibly playful nature; they are high energy pets known for their mischievous love of both play and playing tricks on their owners. This has led to their association with such betrothals because, like such marriages, an Echo Mau takes much work to reach an equilibrium that brings joy to both parties rather than neverending misery ... And an unprepared ownership of an Echo Mau can certainly be a misery of a unique type.
Domesticated   Conservation Status
Common   Classification
Felidae   Related to   Geographic Distribution
  • Worldwide
Average Lifespan
15 to 25 years   Average Height
1 to 1.5 feet
33 to 40 cm   Average Length
2 to 3.5 feet
61 to 107 cm   Average Weight
11 to 22+ lbs
5 to 10 kg
Common Coats
Echo Maus are also used in show breeding and display, with high society families around Saleh'Alire competing to breed the silkiest Maus with the most appealing coats, charming personalities, and range of displacement abilities. Since the 5th century this has led to a standardization of the breed- including a collection of 6 acceptable coat colorations, and high ideal concerning appropriate appearance. Most Echo Maus have become severely inbred because of this reason, and there has been significant resistance to breeding them with the common domestic House Cat in order to correct the genetic problems that have arisen from it, in fear that it would reduce the Echo Mau's unique magical abilities. In lacking the Sa'Avi's ability to magically manipulate genetic code, however, breeders may soon have little choice.      

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6 Jul, 2023 17:03

Oh I bet they can be quite a handful! Or you think they'll be a handful so you reach out to pet them and they're somewhere else, at least. Are they a difficult pet for a firsttime owner? Can they bend their image around corners and through small places, or use it to change their apparent size?

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6 Jul, 2023 17:12

They can't change their size, and can't go around corners. Only within a space they can see since it relies on their 3rd eye. They are DEFINITELY a handful for first time owners, ha. Very energetic and loves to play tricks.

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Grandmaster Moonlight Bard
Haly the Moonlight Bard
15 Jul, 2023 13:55

What a great article! As a fan of both cats and displacer beasts, I can imagine the particular nightmare of surprise "companionship" with one of these incredible little critters, LUL! It's a trait they share with my Winged Sand Fox, it's play time whether or not you like it -- or even KNOW it!   And I especially appreciate the last bit about the dangers of generations of inbreeding for specific qualities. :)

16 Jul, 2023 17:30

Can't have pretty fancy cats without lots of inbreeding. Especially with magically created creatures for whom the technology to make them has vanished to begin with! Bwuahaha.

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