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You may call me Forge Mom Hummingbird.   Once-Beloved or Still-Beloved, any "been here since" date you see on any of my profiles is 100% inaccurate. I've been here since since shortly after the site opened in 2017; I'm an "OG Anvelite", as they say (do they still say that, actually? Idk, I was gone for a while).   If you're new to the site, then you may have seen both an old itteration of my main world (Saleh'Alire) and a now defunct Solar-Hope Punk project of mine (Cicadea Cycle) on World Anvil's About Page as examples of what you can do with the site ... If you've been around for a while, then you may remember me as the WorldEmber 2018 Winner for the "Item" Category for my Milonan Silk article (originally titled Dark Gold during the competition). You can even still watch my original interview on World Anvil Radio after my win here.   All of my old badges (and my Venerable status) are gone now and I miss them dearly.


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