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Lake Khonsu

A Jewel in the Desert

Saleh'Alire » Ecology Tolara Talaina'Vao Chisisi Desert

Located in the middle of Tolara's Chisisi Desert region, Lake Khonsu is believed to be a vestige of a time when the entire region was once a part of the ocean floor itself; one of the most surreally beautiful sites in the desert, it's fed by a combination of freshwater rivers and underground springs, Lake Khonsu is dense with a variety of minerals- including Iron, Manganese, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium, and Potassium Salts. The result is a mineral rich salinity content five times higher than that of the ocean at the edge of the Chisisi Desert, with a vibrant and highly regarded color spectrum.   As the home of cities such as Baruti and Sotep-Shiran, it's the rich coloration of the lake that encourages travelers to describe it as "being as if the Gods has spilled a box of jewels across the sand". It's frequently called "The Crown Jewel of the Tolaran Desert" by many commoners, Explorers, and Archivists alike, for this reason. However, the intense color of Lake Khonsu's water is significantly dependant on the season in which one visits it.   Its typical blue coloration ranges a spectrum of Indigo during the cold months- but turns a milky cyan during the wet season as sandy runoff from Monsoons cloud the color of the lake. A naturally occuring, saline tolerant algae living in Lake Khonsu also contributes to this milky coloration, appearing as a white or slightly pinkish foam on the surface of the water; during the Dry Season, when the harsh desert heat encourages explosive growth, it blooms a vibrant coral color- lending a rich red hue to the lake's coloration.   Colecting near rocky, sandy shores of the lake, the Algae is an integral part of Lake Khonsu's ecosystem- feeding its native population of Brine Shrimp, and acting as a spawning barrier for the Al-Agha fish. It also provides a necessary barrier against water evaporation from the desert sun, in addition to being a food source for the Desert's other inhabitants, such as the Chisisi's native Khenra population, and regional immigrants such as the Ileri.
Located In
Chisisi Desert
Talaina'Vao, Tolara

Landmark Type
Salt Water Lake


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Jan 2, 2021 01:41 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This place sounds so beautiful - I love that the water colour changes throughout the year, and that you gave reasons for that. <3

Jan 2, 2021 01:55 by Anna Katherina

I don't know /why/ I wanted color changing water, but I did and I feel like "magic" is a really lazy way out sometimes when there are really cool natural phenomenon that do similar things in our own world :D

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