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Sias'ameine Coast

The western coast of Eris'ka, on the Tolaran mainland

Saleh'Alire » Ecology Tolara Eris'Ka

Characterized by its high, honey colored cliffs made smooth from the constant spray from the Kovai'mir Ocean, the Sias'ameine Coast spans the entire western portion of western Eris'ka on the Tolaran mainland- easily visible as one heads east from Saethar'Kori and the Golden Isles of Gwyn Tira'Kie.   Perhaps more interesting than its uniquely colored rock cliffs, however, are the tall stone beach structures for which the coast was originally named; dappled along its sandy shoreline are numerous vertical structures of varying shapes and sizes- the result of the harsh ocean (both its water and its wind) eroding the soft stone that comprises the main coast. These are usually banded in multiple hues of brown and gold- the later of which are often true Gold veins. mining them is considered a blasphemy, however, because of the importance of the structures.   Some of these natural features form pillars, while others form arches. Even more are an intricate series of both. But the most well known of the formations has been named the Hand of Anheara in recent decades, after the mother Goddess of the Elven pantheon; a figure who is of particular importance to the E'inaran Elves which founded the kingdom of Eris'ka; it is so known because at dusk, the setting sun can be seen perfectly through the center of the structure (which is comprised of one large arch and three surrounding triangular features).  
Major Landmarks
  • Hand of Anheara
Major Cities
  • Port So'Lae
Located In
Western Eris'Ka, Tolara   Landmark Type
Coastal / Coastline


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