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Mala'kai Avirotka

  • 6284

    14 /10

    Faelkarstone Ascension
    Life, Wealth

    Thirty years before his birth, after its current ruler dies unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances (failing to leave behind a legitimate heir), Mala'kai Avirotka's parents forge documents of legitimacy and ascend to the Faelkarstonian throne in an effort to keep the Island from falling back into the hands of Olienn.

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    Mala'kai Avirotka
    Life, Birth

    Mala'kai Avirotkais born in the city of Orlona, the Monarchial capital of Faelkarstone- an island kingdom located just off the eastern coast of Olienn.

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  • 6314

    12 /5

    Faelkarstone Exile
    Life, Publicity

    Mala'kai Avirotka's parents are exposed as fakes and ousted as the rulers of Faelkarstone by two figures: Avanin Yres and Bryndras Nezzien.

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    Settles in Keskala
    Life, Relocation

    After their exposure and subsequent exile from Faelkarstone, Mala'kai Avirotka and his family relocate to the small village of Keskala in the Talaina'vao region of Tolara under different (more common) identities.

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    30 /5

    Clan Dhal Stronghold
    Life, Relocation

    Having finally come of age, Mala'kai Avirotka assumes the identity of a Dwarf and sets off on his own, heading north through Nisaba Pass. Eventually he settles in the Druumarian Stronghold of Clan Dhal- located in the southern reaches of the Tarael Mountains, between Eris'ka and Ar'lasang Vaerda'ky.

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    Leaving the Stronghold
    Life, Relocation

    After falling in love with and revealing his nature to Eline Dhalis (the daughter of Jurian Dhalis, Clan Dhal's Tinkerer, with whom he lived), the two break up and part ways. Mala'kai leaves the Stronghold to continue traveling.

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    15 /8

    Return to Keskala
    Life, Relocation

    Having finally had his fill of travel, Mala'kai Avirotkais returns home to his parents in Keskala and takes up the role as Winnower for the surrounding forest.