Aneirin e'Mylel

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    Aneirin Mylel
    Life, Birth

    Aneirin Mylel is born in the city of Ea'ronn, in the Oliennesian region of Fae'lora

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    Teleported to the Feywild
    Life, Relocation

    While wandering the forest, Aneirin Mylel discovers a portal. upon investigating, he finds himself transported to the Archfey Irmethe's realm in the Feywild.

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    Irmethe's Court
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    After committing a major faux pax in the Feywild, Aneirin Mylel finds himself bound to the Archfey Irmethe's court as punishment. His assigned handler is none other than her closest vassal: The Noble Fey Lhiannan.

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    Eilshana's Favor
    Life, Career

    Aneirin Mylel earns the favor of the Archfey Eilshana after besting her Champion during a tournament in her realm, and is gifted a boon as a reward for his prowess. Shaken from his decades long depression, he begins to draw a new strength from her presence and takes a private oath to share the joy of Eilshana with all he meets.

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    Return to the Material
    Life, Relocation

    Aneirin Mylel is sent by the Noble Fey Lhiannan to search for a Vestige known as Lightbringer- last seen on the Material Realm three centuries ago. He is unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the Ajda-Donesh Basin in Talaina'vao, Tolara, without any direction.