Ceiba Lanael

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    Ceiba Lanael
    Life, Birth

    Ceiba Lanael is born in the Dryad villade of Gillia- located on the border between the Ajda Wet Forest and Nang Kap’ahu Delta in the Talaina'vao region of Tolara.

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    Leaving Home
    Life, Relocation

    After tracking down poachers near her village and dispensing justice, Ceiba Lanael decides to try the eco-bounty hunter life. After returning to Gillia, she packs her things and leaves to explore Talaina'Vao on her own.

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    Death of a Bounty
    Life, Failure / Mishap

    Ceiba Lanael manages to track down a poacher catching animals and selling them as exotic pets, but keeping them in horrible conditions. Unfortunately she injures him severely during a struggle, and he later dies of his injuries.

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    Settles in Keskala
    Life, Relocation

    Ceiba Lanael settles in Keskala after 6 years of travel and exploration.