• 5 Nedalia 5769
    Political event

    Centuries after the destruction of the Sa'avian Empire and nine years after the signing of the Opal Accords, Eris'ka is born- the first true civilization to exist on the Tolaran Mainland since the Cataclysm.

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  • 5770 Unknown
    Shadow Guilds

    With the establishment of the first recognized Kingdom of Tolara (Eris'ka) a group of Tolarans band together to found the first of the Shadow Guilds.

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  • Amir 5873 ➤ Sarnathi 5880
    Ferenian Migration
    Population Migration / Travel

    Subject to severe religious intolerance and persecution within Eris'ka, a subgroup within the Ferenian people (calling themselves the Ileri) migrate to the Southwest seeking out unclaimed land in Talaina'Vao.

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  • 6151

    9 /6

    Sa'avian Ruin #001
    Discovery, Exploration

    During a nearly 2 year long mission in the Southern Peninsula, an Elite Expedition Team from Eris'ka is unable to confirm the existence of a creature reported by another Southern Expedition Team. Near the end of the expedition, however, they stumble across a mass of ruins from a previous civilization... They return to Eris'Ka with their discovery.

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  • 6220


    Geological / environmental event

    A cold winter devastates crops across Tolara. Largely cut off from the mainland, however, settlers still living in Gwyn Tira'Kie suffer the worst of it; currently controlled by the Kingdom of Eris'ka, they're refused aid.

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  • 6223

    19 /8

    10 /4

    Amatis War
    Military action

    Frustrated by the lack of aid from Eris'ka during the Famine, the residents of Saethar'Kori fight against the nation for their Independence.

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  • 6228

    8 /7

    10 /10

    Sapphire Accords
    Diplomatic action

    After 5 years of bloodshed and war over the rights to Gwyn Tira'Kie, Saethar'Kori enters peace talks with Eris'ka. After a year of negotiations, they're finally granted their independence with the signing of The Sapphire Accords.

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  • 6410

    30 /5

    Clan Dhal Stronghold
    Life, Relocation

    Having finally come of age, Mala'kai Avirotka assumes the identity of a Dwarf and sets off on his own, heading north through Nisaba Pass. Eventually he settles in the Druumarian Stronghold of Clan Dhal- located in the southern reaches of the Tarael Mountains, between Eris'ka and Ar'lasang Vaerda'ky.

  • 6428

    19 /11

    Astrantia Charter
    Diplomatic action

    After the founding of Di'kae Milona, the sovereigns of each existing Kingdom and Territory within Tolara come together to sign the The Astrantia Charter. This Charter formally recognizes their nations (including Gwyn Tira'Kie) as individual sovereign states.   In addition to finalizing the sovereignty of the nations, The Astrantia Charter solidifies the foundation of the Tolaran Guilds- granting them special permissions and authority across Tolara, independent of the newly formalized nations (except in the Guild controlled region of Gwyn Tira'Kie).

  • 6428

    20 /11

    Tolaran Standard
    Financial Event

    The Tolaran Standard is adopted during the signing of The Astrantia Charter in Tolara, providing a stable, continent wide currency system for use in trade between the new nations.

  • 6428

    20 /11

    Common Calendar
    Technological achievement

    Already widely used by the Tolaran Settlers, the Tihagi Calendar is formally adopted as the official calendar of Tolara during the signing of The Astrantia Charter.