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Ask Me Anything

Tue, Jul 26th 2022 01:19
Ever had a burning question about Saleh'Alire's setting? Well I'm back and active now, so here's your chance to ask me anything that's been burning away in your mind while I've been wasting away, absent in the background the last two years. Or maybe you had a burning question from before that, but never had a good forum to ask before. Well now you can! So go for it.
  I love talking about my setting so much. Any questions about technical things or CSS, though, should be asked in the other board. This one is for worldbuilding questions only, please!

Hand In Hand

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:05
Questions about the various Sophontic Species of the world, and elements of their culture (like food, clothing, and so on), how they get along, and more.

Weaving Threads

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:04
Questions about the various political structures of the world, and the politics between various organizations and Countries.

Who, Where, and Why

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:07
Questions about everyone (who's organized) from Pirates, to Trading Companies, Guilds (Thieving and non), the Countries that exist, and more; keep it non-political, however. There's another thread for that!

Location, Location, Location!

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:06
Questions about ecology and their (non-Sophontic) Plants and Animals- like Dragons! Everyone likes Dragons, right?

What's That There, Then?

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:37
We've got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty ... We've got whozits and whatzits galore ... You want thingamabobs? I've got twenty! You can ask about all of them right here- from Books, to Swords, Charters, and anything else that catches your fancy.

It Burns (Sometimes)

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:38
Questions about Wars, Battles, and various other events- like Holidays, Rites of Passage, and so on. Oh, and Conditions like Illnesses and Diseases (caused by Wars or not, ha).
Saleh'Alire Discussion Boards

CSS Questions

Tue, Jul 26th 2022 01:21
If you have a question about the CSS I've used on Saleh'Alire, ask it here and not in the general AMA (which should be reserved for setting questions only). I'm also more than happy to give out my code to anyone that asks for it. So if you're interested in how I did something particular, don't be afraid to ask to see the code directly if you'd like!

Code Request

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 03:13
Want a specific snippet of code? Request it here!

How Did you...

Mon, Aug 1st 2022 02:03
Wonder how I did something- or who I got it off of? Ask here!