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Miko Slaus-Braun

Miko Slaus-Braun

Miko Slaus-Braun is the Head of Field Research for the Ghostleaf Foundation. Brilliant, tomboyish, and responsive under pressure, Miko is constantly striving to push forward the cause of science while also collecting harrowing accounts of the dangers inherent to the Distal Tesseract.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Miko is rarely seen without her suit of environmentally-sealed auto-armor, an HC-1 "Meantwig" Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor which she has specially modified to provide enhanced strong protection against biological, chemical, and radiological threats. She carries a JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer and GF-1 "Tarantula" Assault Needler with an extended chemical reservoir chock full of Distal polyp repellent.   Miko sometimes carries sponges loaded with synthetic Distal urticator pheremone analogues into the field. She does this mainly in an attempt to discover more about those mysterious creatures, reasoning that such chemical signalling might carry some sort of utility - for example, tricking herds of urticators into congregating around important sites, protecting them from disturbance by more dangerous wildlife - but also because she finds distal urticators fascinating in general.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Miko is the granddaughter of noted inventor, adventurer, and eccentric Dr. Calvin Slaus Braun of Silkenvault. She was born aboard the Caudal D/Distal C skystation to researchers working closely with Verdial scientists from Petalcap Vale, and she spent her formative years growing accustomed to Verdial folk ways rather than Voxelian ones.


Having been born into wealth and high expectations as inheritor of the Slaus-Braun scientific legacy, Miko showed signs of meeting the aspirations of her family early in life. As a youth, Miko read through every technical manual available aboard the skystation, an informal education which would have primed her for an administrative role had she not shared her grandfather's endless need to seek out new knowledge. At 18, Miko was accepted into the Voxelia Academy of Sciences, where she graduated magna cum laude from the dieseltech engineering program with a minor in Distal biology in a mere three years.


The fondness Miko grew for the Verdial people aboard her home skystation would eventually lead her to return to Petalcap Vale after her graduation from the Voxelia Academy of Sciences. She met Angela Foxglove and become a field researcher for the Ghostleaf Foundation shortly thereafter, using her auto-armor acumen and knowledge of the local fauna.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Miko spent many years as the "adopted daughter" of the skystation's engineering department, where her voracious appetite for mechanical knowledge eventually led her to, at a mere 14 years of age, become the youngest person to ever conduct repairs to a skystation's external infrastructure. This was no mean feat, as these portions of a skystation lie in an environment which includes micro-gravity and extremely low atmospheric pressure as hazards, and this particular skystation was located in a region of the Manifold famed for its dangerous extremophiles.

Mental Trauma

Having spent most of her life near or in the Distal Tesseract, Miko has had numerous experiences with the biological horrors of that region.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Miko is very intelligent, tenacious in her scientific pursuits, and takes initiative when the circumstances demand it. When in a professional setting, Miko can be trusted to be aware of every nuance of protocol, every operational procedure, and every technical aspect of her department; other members of staff aren't so much there to augment her own knowledge as they're there because one person could not handle the department's workload by themselves. Despite her unique competence, she is happy to listen to her staff, as they might have some kind of useful outside experience that she can learn form.

Vices & Personality flaws

Having struggled with impostor syndrome and poor self-confidence throughout her youth, Miko displays a faux confidence to conceal doubts about her own abilities. Miko is naturally an introvert and doesn't consider herself to be conventionally attractive, so it often falls to other people to initiate social contact with her.   Due to her long-term experience with the dangers of the Distal Tesseract, Miko has an obsession with cleanliness, maintenance, and careful planning. Her tolerance for greenhorns, hedonists, and those who would skirt established rules in the name of progress is, subsequently, quite low. Miko is all too aware of the danger that poor adherence to protocol represents, and this awareness can sometimes make her come across to others as overly rigid in her thinking on certain matters.   There is limited evidence that Miko may be extending her intolerance of disorder to social matters as well as scientific ones. An auto-armored, Tarantula-wielding vigilante by the name of Striker (also sometimes calle The Armorer) has been terrorizing the criminals of Petalcap Vale's nighttime streets for over a year. While there is no direct proof that Miko is involved, the plunging crime rate around the offices of the Ghostleaf Foundation and the drug-induced stupor of Striker's victims has led to speculation on the part of local law enforcement that she might be involved. This would also make her presence at the scene of Gordon Druce's assassination at the hands of the Duke of Drones all the more suspicious, as it would mean she likely had a hand in Druce's demise.


Having grown up on a skystation, where environmental isolation and the rigors of micro-gravity can weaken a person's immune system, Miko maintains rigorous standards of personal cleanliness. While her senses are not particularly acute, Miko will hunt down and eliminate any unusual smell she detects in her living space, as, aboard a skystation, such smells might indicate a system fault or a future source of station-wide illness.


Religious Views

Being a staunch empiricist, Miko is not strongly inclined towards religious devotion, though, as statistics are an important part of her work, she does pay respects to Veldrin Vance from time to time.
Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Miko is currently Head of Field Research with the Ghostleaf Foundation.
Year of Birth
9976 24 Years old
Caudal D/Distal B skystation
Current Residence
Petalcap Vale
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
115 lbs
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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