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Deigned for exploration, a keysuit is an oversized, experimental dieseltech auto-armor which utilizes biotechnology developed by the Ghostleaf Foundation to give the user near-infinite field endurance.   As of yet, the only existing keysuit remains a prototype, with Miko Slaus-Braun heading research and development into the keysuit project.

Power Generation

The locomotion and other active systems of a keysuit are powered by a diesel-electric generator. While the systems of the keysuit do provide some endogenous biodiesel,making the suit move about does require supplementation with an external source of fuel.


While the keysuit is capable of supporting itself and standing upright without resort to diesel-electric power, it cannot be moved by the operator alone due to its impressive mass.

Weapons & Armament

While the keysuit is not designed to carry weaponry, its fantastic strength and lifting capacity could hypothetically be used in an offensive capacity. Furthermore, as the keysuit features an extra pair of articulated tool mounts over the shoulders (in addition to the usual utility ports found in the arms) it would be able to field more than one crew-served weapon in combat if used as such.

Armor and defense

Like the master cell - from which the design of the keysuit draws inspiration - a keysuit's armor is capable of self-repair due to the presence of fresh plant resin produced by living vesicles beneath the outer surface.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The extra bulk of the keysuit is used to house an extensive network of solar influx tubes, artificial xylem, and armored cells in which the suit's modified Caudal lichen symbiote lives. When given access to sunlight, this lichen utilizes the breath and waste of the operator to create oxygen, glucose, vitamins, and a small amount of biodiesel. During lean times, the lichen can even resorb biodiesel to sustain itself. Shortfalls in sustenance can be overcome with limited intake of external food or water, though - as the suit and operator form a complete life-system - these needs are far less than what would otherwise be expected fo a given operation.   As a result of this unique life support system, a knowledgeable keysuit operator can remain within the keysuit nearly indefinitely, provided the needs of the lichen are met. For non-Verdial operators, however, this flexibility comes at the cost of inevitable transformation into a Verdial, with all the risks that this transformation entails.
Unique (Experimental)
500 lbs
3 spaces
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Unknown (much larger than standard auto-armor)

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