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Ghostleaf Foundation

The Ghostleaf Foundation is a small research and manufacturing consortium with heavy involvement in experimental botany and natural products chemistry. Popular products of the Foundation include non-lethal weapon systems, unique cultivars which can be used for territorial defense, precursor chemicals from plant sources, and various pharmaceuticals.


The board of the Ghostleaf Foundation includes, among others:

Public Agenda

The Ghostleaf Foundation mostly takes purchase contracts from Petalcap Vale law enforcement agencies - including the Petalcap Vale Customs Authority - though many products they manufacture have applications in military and civilian markets. Well-known public products include the "Ghostleaf's Famous" line of over-the-counter medications (such as vapor rubs), cosmetics (such as glowpaste), and gardening suplements. The Foundation sometimes collaborates with external ventures - such as Cloudgate Asylum or the Northwoods Botanical Research Facility - to create specialized products. The Foundation also sends its own scientists on far-flung expeditions in HC-1 "Meantwig" Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor to gather unusual strains of plants for potential domestication or hybridization. This work has, for example, led to a more sedentary strain of floating briars which can be more easily harvested for their flavorful fruits.   The Foundation does not intentionally produce lethal weapons, as its executive, Angela "Ghostleaf" Foxglove, holds a moral conviction that violence should be avoided if at all possible. Other members of the board, including her lab chief Miko Slaus-Braun, do not share Ms. Foxglove's convictions as such. However, these members follow her beliefs out of an understanding that, once chemical and biological weapons find widespread use in conflicts such as the War of Reunification, it will be nigh impossible to prevent their ongoing use. Ironically, while this idea would otherwise align the Foundation with the goals of the Manifold Conservation Society, the Foundation restricts exports to the Conservatorship due to the later organization's possible (mis)use of Billowing Hate to create biological weapons.


While the Ghostleaf Foundation is relatively small in scope and market share, its intellectual property catalog includes a number of proprietary technologies which are wholly unique in the Manifold, ensuring a steady flow of capital. The laboratories and manufacturing floors of the Foundation are distributed throughout the municipality of Petalcap Vale, each being owned and operated by subsidiary companies. The headquarters of the Foundation is located in an understated office building in the community of Gladeside on Caudal D1.


The idea of the Ghostleaf Foundation actually began as a series of long-term investments made by Ms. Foxglove's parents, a pair of famous biologists who worked in the same circles as the famous Dr. Calvin Slaus-Braun aboard research skystations during most of Angela's childhood. While Angela herself is only of average intelligence, her persistent study in school and dutiful attendance to her parents' and sister's household needs indicated to them that she would be a reliable steward of their investments as well. The Ghostleaf Foundation, named after Angela's own childhood nickname, was formed in 9997 AR as a consortium of the various small labs and manufacturing houses that the elder Foxgloves had bought controlling stock in over the years; it followed that Angela herself was installed as the chairwoman of this venture, a position which she still holds as of the year 10,000 AR.

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