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Glowpaste is a traditionally Verdial form of makeup or body paint incorporating the phosphorescent spores of fungi native to Caudal D. As the name implies, glowpaste glows once applied, so long as it has been exposed to sunlight or a continuous source of ultraviolet light is present (i.e. the daylight of the Distal Tesseract). A typical jar of glowpaste contains spores which only glow in a single color, though the rare admixture sometimes makes its way to the markets.


For the Vale Verdials, glowpaste serves a similar social function to tattoos, makeup, or face paint in other cultures. It is applied sparingly by both genders to accentuate one's features and as a form of self-expression, though it isn't considered a necessity in this regard. A deft application of glowpaste denotes the wearer as an individual of culture, moderation, and perhaps wealth, while overuse is regarded as vulgar.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Related ethnicities
Glowpaste is uncommon outside of Caudal D, but it is gaining international popularity as a fashion accessory.
0.5 lbs
8oz jar
Base Price
100 NGC/jar
Raw materials & Components
Glowpaste is composed primarily of petrolatum and the phosphorescent spores of Caudal fungi. Additives which change the color, opacity, scent, or effects on the skin (i.e. moisturizers) are sometimes mixed with the petrolatum base.

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