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DCStim, short for Damage Control Stimulant, is a potent blend of stimulants and dissociative analgesics. DCStim allows damage control crewmen to overcome fatigue, stress, and pain to keep their vehicle operational. Users of the drug gain a surfeit of focus and a degree of emotional detachment, allowing them to work at peak efficiency for a period of minutes to hours, at the expense of verbal responsiveness and tact. Unfortunately, injuries and exhaustion are merely masked by the drug, not cured, and must still be dealt with once the effects of DCStim have lapsed.   Despite the often horrifying aftermath of the drug's effects, DCStim can become addictive, and more than a few veterans of the War of Reunification have succumbed to the drug's terrible embrace once their terms of service have concluded.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
While a few doses of DCStim can be found in most airship damage control lockers or field medics' bags, outside of these contexts, DCStim is regarded as a potential drug of abuse. Because of its addictive qualities, DCStim is a controlled substance in Voxelia, the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy, the Commonwealth of C, and the Manifold Conservation Society. Black market prices for DCStim are double those of open market prices due to the costs involved with evading official scrutiny.
1 oz/dose
1 fl oz/dose
Base Price
125 NGC/dose

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