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Despite the lucrative defense contracts offered to them to do so, the Ghostleaf Foundation has vehemently refused any offers to produce lethal chemical agents on moral grounds. Despite this moral stance, their open-label drug formulations have found their ways into combat applications throughout the Manifold Sky. Harrow is one such example of Ghostleaf products - namely, a potent warfarin-like concentrate used in combination with weapons like the GF-1 "Tarantula" Assault Needler - being adapted for less than benevolent purpose.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Harrow is a highly concentrated form of a therapeutic anti-coagulant. Unless diluted for use as a medication again, harrow causes a target dosed with it to lose the ability to form blood clots. More importantly, victims of harrow poisoning hemhorrage internally as the drug thins their blood to a dangerous degree. While verdials are usually quite hardy against the effects of such poisons, even they are not immune to the ravages of harrow.


The Verdant Order has a notable fondness for employing harrow-tipped quills in the Tarantulas carried by their retainers. The Order does this for many reasons: as a display of wealth and connections with all strata of society (including the criminal underground), as a way of messily dissuading percieved enemies, and as a secret signature for their 'wet' operations. The Petalcap Vale Customs Authority is, as of the year 10,000 AR, tracing the supply lines of the Order in an effort to arrest unlawful providers and, hopefully, tie members of the Order to unsolved murders.   Harrow has potential as a weapon of assassination in societies where political power has a heritable component. Therefore, unlicensed possession of harrow is banned in Voxelia and certain Craterhold territories (notably the municipality of Craterhold itself) controlled by the noble houses. A common punishment for would-be poisoners is to make them 'sample their own vintage' - with predictable results.
Item type
Owning Organization
Occasionally, a concentrate which would otherwise be considered 'harrow' is sold legitimately as a bulk form of medical blood thinners to medical institutions (hospitals, laboratories, etc.), though these transactions are conducted under strict security. While the original-strength blood-thinning drug is common in medical supplies throughout the Manifold, harrow is found for unregulated purchase only in Vale Verdial and Groundling black markets.
Base Price
200 NGC/dose

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