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1st Expeditionary Marines

The Rostran Archipelago Confederacy Marine Forces 1st Marine Expeditionary Company, more concisely known as the 1st Expeditionary Marines, are an auto-armor fast reaction force deployed in foreign countries to support the Confederacy's interests abroad.   The 1st has the honor of providing support in the Caudal Tesseract where the Rostran people, specifically famed explorer Eqai Voiranoi, made first contact with the Verdial people. Though this puts them in an inhospitablly cold environment for Rostran biology, the 1st serves proudly alongside such forces as the Petalcap Vale Customs Authority to ensure that problems that start in the Caudal Tesseract don't end up in the Rostral Tesseract.



The MF-A2 "Kirie" Traversal Auto Armor of the 1st is often paired with local CB-1c "Brushaxe" Auto-Armor Destroyer units to undertake missions where finesse and strength are required in equal measure.


The Kirie of the 1st field a mix of suppressed "Swordfish" 9mm Grease Guns and RTC "Thunder Caster" Area Denial Weapons. They opt to replace the fighting oar traditional with Rostran auto armor with the more versatile ba'amba.


Though nominally a fast reaction force, the doctrine of the 1st Expeditionary Marines bears a closer resemblance to that of a force recon unit.   Members of the 1st recon, as guests of Petalcap Vale in peacetime, spend most of their time conducting 'green operations' (i.e. intelligence gathering). The PVCA or local defense cadre will identify the position of threats they can't handle directly - often unidentified mercenary crews or strong appendages of the Verdant Order, such as Julian Pelforth and his Scions Ambidexter. The 1st will be called in to watch these threats from a distance and report to their commanders and their allies in the Vale while the decision to act against the threat is made.   When the time comes, the 1st Expeditionary Marines strike from surprise if at all possible, quietly dispatching as many of the enemy as possible before the enemy or their allies can react. They may try to take enemy infrastructure (such as hideouts, airships, or supply caches) in advance of reinforcements from host country forces. The Kirie, the 1st's preferred auto armor, is more competent at taking ground than holding it; for this reason, one team will attack the target while another waits in reserve to provide backup should the enemy contest the position for too long.


The 1st Expeditionary Marines were most famously involved with the siege of the Bamboo & Brass Resort, where they liberated the slaves and Black Sheep agents being held there. Among the Black Sheep rescued was the famous martial artist Ame Pfren. While the Verdant Order would very much like to work against the 1st's presence in the Vale in return for this defeat, doing so would reveal just how much power they actually hold and in what spheres of civil society - all not good things for the continued survival of such a secretive organization.

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