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Gam Pfa'a

Gam Pfa'a ("catch-fighting") is a martial art originating in the Native Ovinex culture, with roots in the now-abandoned slaving practices of that culture.


While the loss of the Rostran-Ovinex War has ended the slave-taking practices of the Ovinex, Gam Pfa'a preserves the techniques used by Ovinex slavers to take captives alive, making it an important cultural touchstone for the Ovinex as a whole in the face of Rostran hegemony. In more recent times, Gam Pfa'a weapon techniques have been adopted by various law enforcement agencies, especially amongst the lawmen of the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. While there have been attempts to adapt Gam Pfa'a striking and grappling techniques to the humanoid physiology, the frequent use of headbutting, horn manipulations, and certain hand techniques - Ovinex have two fingers and two thumbs which are protected with keratin - have ensured a mostly Ovinex audience for unarmed Gam Pfa'a.


Gam Pfa'a is focused primarily on grappling, close-quarters striking, and a high degree of mobility. Headbutts, punches, kicks, lunges, and joint locks round out the Gam Pfa'a move set, with many techniques designed to injure while also drawing opponents inexorably closer to the practitioner.

Components and tools

Gam Pfa'a training includes the use of Ba'amba and shepherd's crooks of both polearm and single-handed lengths, with the later weapons wielded either singly or one in each hand. These weapons, while fully capable of striking, are often used to trap, trip, or draw in opponents so that the wielder can employ their horns or keratinous knuckles more effectively.

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