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Scarab Company

Scarab Company is (or, some would say, was) a private military contractor possessed of a quasi-legendary reputation. An elite corps of human veterans of the War of Reunification, the Scarabs were among the most accomplished auto-armor operators in the known Manifold.


Despite their narrow majority Elovisian heritage - a legacy of the Old Voxelian Conquests that eventually split the Coalition states from Voxelia - members of Scarab Company adopt a semi-knightly organizational culture that has more in common with late Old Voxelian ideals. Each Scarab swore himself to hold the line against Voxelian aggression to preserve the safety and security of the Coalition in general and the Free Faces League in particular. As the self-ordained 'elder statesmen' of the battlespace, the Scarabs take it upon themselves to uphold certain virtues - including courage, judgement, temperance, and trustworthiness - that will set them as an example for the young fighting men who may one day decide to join their ranks.


Through countless seemingly hopeless defenses on the Rostral-adjacent front, the men who would eventually go on to found Scarab Company together held the line. All were decorated for their valor and chose to continue serving the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies through indirect means when various conditions - age, injury, promotion to non-field positions, becoming the last descendant of their line, and so forth - removed them legally from the posibility of regular front line service. Scarab Company was formed in part to channel the desire of these men to continue protecting their homeland in the face of Voxelian agression and in part to provide a degree of plausible deniability for the Coalition; the perception that the Coalition was sending the retired and disfigured to the front lines would be bad for morale and recruitment, even if it was the individuals' own idea.   As the war dragged on with no forseeable end, a combination high recruiting standards, attrition on the battlefield, and attrition due to the simple passage of time winnowed the Scarab Company down to a bare fraction of its former size. In 9997 AR, an engagement with Grand Army of Voxelia forces attempting to sneak into Coalition territory through the deserts of the Eastern Tesseract would spell the apparent demise of the Scarabs. As of 9998 AR, all members are listed as killed or missing in action by Coalition authorities.   While no members of the Scarab Company have reported back to their handlers in the Coalition Defense Forces in over two years, three BF-6 "Fortress" Mobile Stronghold Auto-Armor suits and eight PBA-5 "Pioneer" Main Battle Auto-Armor suits belonging to the unit have yet to be recovered, observed as battlefield wreckage, or found in secondary markets. These distinctive suits were collectively known as the 'Black Shells' for their characteristic black-enameled surfaces, so they would have been obvious had they been looted or destroyed somewhere in the open. For this reason, many in the Coalition choose to believe that the Scarab Company may one day return from hiding to exact justice on the Voxelian imperialists at a turning point in the war.

9983 - 9997

Military, Mercenary Group
Scarab(s Black Shell(s)
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